10 Warning Signs You’re Not Drinking Enough Water


Drinking water enough water in daily routine is very important for physical and mental health of human being. If you don’t take enough water, it may cause many serious health issues and badly effect on kidney. Here is a short list of noticeable signs which indicates that you are not drinking enough water;

1. Dry Mouth: 

dry mouthIf you are experiencing more often dry mouth it means you are mildly dehydrated and needs enough water. So grab a glass full of water and drink. Also keep in mind some people take some medications which also cause the dry mouth.

2. Being Overly Thirsty:  

If you are feeling thirst very often, it means you are dehydrated and your body needs a lot of water in order to function properly. Always keep a water bottle with you in order to combat with thirst, specially in summer when you are working and lost a lot of your body minerals from sweating or urination.

overly thirsty

3. Dry Skin:

Your skin glows if you are well hydrated because skin is the body’s largest organ. And opposite of it if you are suffering from dry skin it means you are not hydrated enough and your body needs water in order to function accordingly.