10 ways to enhance the hair health and natural shine

Summer, salt water, humidity, heat, dry winter and other stuff damaged hair badly and lost the shine. To enhance the shine and restore the health of hair you should go through with few easy lifestyle changes, you can completely transform the look and feel of your hair. Have your hair shine bright like a diamond all year round by incorporating these quick and easy tips into your haircare routine.

1. Wash your hair in right way.

First thing is never wash your hair with very warm water because it damage or weeken the roots of hair. Next thing is shampoo, choose the right shampoo or better to use herbal one because the recipe is definitely not for everyone.

If you are willing to give your hair extra-shine, then once your hair has been lathered, scrubbed, and conditioned, rinse out any remaining product with cold water. The icy temperature helps to close the hair’s cuticle, which allows your haircolor to reflect more light. It’s an instant shine boost that helps your hair to stay looking glossy without using extra styling product. Dry your hair by squeezing it gently with a towel; rubbing it vigorously will cause breakage and strip away all of your glorious shine.

2. Apply hair serum.

Always applying a hair serum to your ends, because powerful oils work by strengthening and restoring the hair from the inside out in order to reduce frizz, replenish moisture and give the hair a layer of shine.

3. Skip the shimmering sprays.

You don’t even know that a little shimmering spray is a quick way to gloss up your locks, you could actually be doing more harm than good. Many hair sprays that add a little sparkle instantly can also “rough up the hair shaft and work against your natural gleam” over time.

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4. Massage a sclap with vitamin E.

Vitamin E can help to increase circulation to the scalp and helps to increase hair growth. By massaging your locks with the oil can make your hair feel stronger, and look shinier and healthier. Adding leafy greens vegetables to your diet because they are filled with a variety of minerals and amino acids that help to promote healthy hair.

hair sclap massage

5. Use a natural-bristle hairbrush.

Brushing your strands 100x in a row to get a shiny result is an old wives’ tale. If you are brushing too hard, it can actually harm your hair and cause the most delicate strands to snap.For best results, you’ll need a 100% wild boar-hair brush. Gently brushing your hair not only loosens tangles and knots, but it also helps to evenly distribute your hair’s natural oils.

6. Eat some omega-3 fatty acids.

Omega-3 fatty acids are found in egg yolks and sardines and they’ll make your hair shine like crystal diamond. Salmon also contain large amounts of these healthy fats, so have some fish as a main course with your salad. Otherwise take some fish oil capsule they will also help to make your hair healthier.

omega-3 fatty acids. for hair

7. Try a glossing conditioner.

By applying the glossing conditioners you feel some gorgeous shine and flossy look. Many different brands are available in markets. You just choose which is best for your hair type nad use it oftenly.

8. Leave a little conditioner in curly hair.

In curly strands of hair, natural oils have a hard time working their way from your scalp to your ends. To bring a little shine back to curly hair, leave in some conditioner after showering. This will not only soften up your mane, it will also make it easier to brush while it’s wet.

9. Avoid heat-activated products.

Over time, heat styling can damage and fade your hair’s vibrancy. Blow dry, flat iron or curl on the regular basis, can damaged or dry your hair. When you take shower alway try to dry your hair naturally with out any instrument. Most styling instruments going to destroy the hair, heating up your strands can dry them out and leave your hair looking fussy.

10. Apply overnight shine-boosting mask.

Apply overnight shine-boosting mask.

Coconut oil is a great overnight option, just massage it through your sclap from roots to ends, then pull it back in a braid, bun or ponytail. Cover your pillowcase with rough towel so that pillowcase is free from oil. In the morning, shampoo it out and skip the conditioner.