14 Makeup Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

makeup mistakes

Many women spends hours in front of the mirror struggling hard to look gorgeous but are still not satisfied. This is all because they are doing experimentation over their face and doing a lot of mistakes which become hurdle to makeup right, every time. So here we give you some idea about the common mistakes and beauty blunders.

Most Common Makeup Mistakes And Beauty Blunders

1. Over-Washing The Face

Over-Washing The Face

Washing the face is the most important step before applying makeup. But overwashing or cleansing the face make it more dry, all natural skin oils of skin wash out so when you apply the foundation it will not be smooth or cracks appear because of over washing. Almost every woman has a different skin type, and with age, our skin undergoes many changes. So beware of overwashing the face before makeover.

2. Applying Makeup On Dry Skin

Applying Makeup On Dry Skin

One of the most biggest makeup mistakes is applying makeup on dry skin which can make the face look dull, cracked, old, and tired. Always properly moisturized your face by applying your skin type lotion. Ensure that your face is properly hydrated before you apply makeup.

3. Proper Lighting Problem

Proper Lighting Problem

Lighting plays vital role when you decide to make over. For day functions natural light is best option but when you are going in night parties then proper light which is not to bright or yellow is necessary for good make over.

Proper Lighting Problem

4. Wrong Blending Techniques

 Wrong Blending Techniques

The key to natural looking makeup lies in mastering the art of blending. Makeup that isn’t blended well can look quite comical.So always blend it properly.


5. Incorrect Application Of Concealer

incorrect application of concealer

A difficult question when applying make up is whether the foundation goes first or the concealer.The answer is it’s better to use the foundation before the concealer. But many women apply concealer at wrong time and then not able to blend or set it so patches appear.

6. Too Much Foundation

Apply too Much Foundation

Don’t be focus on cakey creame looks too much foundation will do no good to your face. Don’t need to use foundation all over the face. Simply apply it on your cheeks, nose, and the under eye areas. Some women use it to cover blemishes, but that is a concealer’s job.

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7. Eyebrow Disaster

Eyebrow Disaster

Eyebrows considered as windows of eyes. Neatly shaped eyebrows can highlight the eyes beautifully. Bushy eyebrows look untidy and unkempt.

8. Unwanted Shimmer And Glitter

Unwanted Shimmer And Glitter

Shimmery eyeshadows are very attractive, but it’s not in fashion or trend now many women use them over the entire eyelid, they can look extremely shiny and ruined all the makeup style and looks. 

9. Using The Wrong Eyeliner

Using The Wrong Eyeliner

Now a days different colors of eyeliners are available in the market. Women often use the color match with their dress shade but it is strongly advisable to use black eyeliner only if you have a darker skin tone, else it ends up looking quite harsh. 

10. Mascara Mistakes

Mascara Mistakes

Must use a mascara that is two shades darker than your eyebrow color. Never apply more than two coats of mascara, or your eyelashes will end up looking extremely clumpy.

Mascara Mistakes

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12. Tacky Lipstick Color

Tacky Lipstick Color

A lipstick can make or break your look. Stick to colors that are natural and suit your skin tone. Dark shades can look tacky.

13. Face Powder Fetish

Face Powder Fetish

Face powder seems like the perfect makeup finale to lock it all up, and keep the shine at bay. But, it can also make you look aged. Believe it or not, face powder emphasizes fine lines and wrinkles.

14. Highlight At The Wrong Places

Highlight At The Wrong Places

Do not apply a single eyeshadow color to your entire eye. Always use a highlighter shade to enhance your brow bone. Golden or silver highlighters will compliment all the shades under the sun.