15 weeks pregnant

week 15

What’s happening in week 15?

15 weeks pregnant! Amazing fact is your tiny baby can now be able to hear your voice, so you can chat with your baby or sing a song for them too. Pregnant mommy’s might not yet be feeling it, but their baby is kicking his/her little legs and flexing elbows. Now life is probably totally baby centered which means you thought much more about your baby and baby related stuff.

At a glance

  • Tiny baby is now about  to 4 inches long, and weighs in about 2 1/2 ounces

  • Baby is almost around the size of an apple

  • Your baby-to-be’s skin remains super-thin, allowing his or her developing blood vessels to show right through

  • Things are moving into place, mainly baby’s ears and eyes but eyelids are still fused shut

  • Legs of baby are growing longer than his/her arms

  • The dark line running down your bump is called “linea nigra”

  • You may be coping with some dental weirdness

week 15

Your baby at week 15

Your champ is growing now and is around 11.5cm in length or 4 inches, and weigh is about 2.5 ounce. It means baby is now around the size of an orange or an apple. As the pregnancy weeks passing, your fetus is looking more and more like the baby.

Baby is busy in inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid to help his lungs develop through her/his nose and upper respiratory track. Legs of tiny champ is growing longer than her/his arms and baby is moving her/his limbs and joints but mommy can’t feel it at this stage of pregnancy. Baby eyelids are still shut but he/she can easily sense the light, if you flash up the light on tummy he/she will response you in the way to move away from the beam. “Lanugo” are the layer fine downy hair which are started to grow these hair keeps them warm until they develop the layer of subcutaneous fat that will keep them warm once they are born.

Babies are practicing many incredible activities in mother’s womb like breathing, sucking and swallowing, so that once they leave mommy womb, they will have the skills necessary to survive.

You at 15 weeks pregnant

As every passing week of second trimester your bothersome first trimester symptoms are faded out and now you are experiencing some new challenges in the form of pregnancy symptoms. A noticeable changes in body take place around this stage of pregnancy. Pregnant women might feel;

  1. Weight gain, they notice that gradually they are gaining their weight and now it is a time for them to set their maternity wardrobe.
  2. Abdominal bloatness and gas issues are very common in second trimester of pregnancy.
  3. There might be the appearance of visible dark line running down your bump called “linea nigra” there is nothing to worry about it is something which develop during pregnancy and easily fade out after the baby birth.
  4. You are now experiencing some problem in sleeping. You can accommodate yourself in such sleeping position which might be easy for you.
  5. Pregnant women experiencing “dental issues” like sore, sensitive, swollen and bleeding gums. As gums are so sensitive to bleed when you floss or brush. There is nothing to worry about it is all due to pregnancy hormones. To adopt good oral hygiene – which includes regular, preventive dental care; brushing at least twice a day and gentle flossing once a day – will greatly reduce gum swelling, bleeding and soreness.
  6. Some women experiencing chronic stuffy nose and nose bleeding during pregnancy. It is also very common so nothing to worry about.
  7. Some pregnant women are at a high risk for “preeclampsia”. Ask your health care provider about low-dose aspirin.
  8. “Amniocentesis” test may be offered between 16 week to 20 week. This test can easily identify the problems to those who are at high risk for genetic or chromosomal issues.
  9. “Round ligament pain” is common at this week. As the muscles and ligaments that support your growing uterus stretch, you might notice some pain on the lower sides of your belly.
  10. Horrible legs cramps are also very common in pregnancy at night. Talk to your midwife for some solution.
  11. “Hemorrhoids and piles” some pregnant women experiencing this during pregnancy. Tell your mid wife or doctor to suggest you some creams and ointment for relief.
  12. Increased “vaginal discharge” is normal or a yeast vaginal infection” is also common at second trimester.


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