18 weeks pregnant


What’s happening in week 18?

18 weeks pregnant! Congratulation you are near to the half way of your pregnancy. At week 18 you can first time feel your baby kick it’s really amazing! and you can forget all your weird pregnancy symptoms.

At a glance

  • Your tiny champ is about 6.29 inches long and weighs around 5 ½ to 7 ounces, i.e about the size of a bell pepper

  • Your baby-to-be’s retina’s may now be able to detect light. Shine a flashlight on your belly and see if he or she moves.

  • Having a girl or a boy? Scan can tell you

  • Baby’s ears are in position and stand out from her head

  • A protective insulation, is starting to form around baby-to-be’s nerves

  • Anomaly scan will be due it must be done from week 18 to week 20

  • Pregnancy friendly exercises and yoga postures are necessary for your growing belly

  • Bothersome backache are experiencing some mommy


Your baby at 18 weeks

18 weeks pregnant, Oh now your tiny baby is getting bigger. Baby will be is about 6.29 inches long i.e 14 cm and weighs around 5 ½ to 7 ounces about 200 grams. Around the size of bell pepper.

Many developments take place this week like, a protective covering of myelin is starting to form around your baby-to-be’s nerves, which is very vital for nervous system to develop and function properly after birth. Baby is busy in flexing his/her legs and arms this movement will soon feel in the end of this week and more in the coming weeks. Baby to be’s ears are in final position, standing outside from their head.

Anomaly scan is due from this week to week 20. Having a girl? Her fallopian tubes and uterus are now in proper position. A boy? His genitals may be visible on your next ultrasound. How amazing is that?

You at 18 weeks pregnant

18 weeks pregnant! you have girl or boy? it is not much important the main thing is your sonographer will be making sure your baby’s organs are all as they should be, and that your placenta is healthy and in the right place. Although some hospitals have their own policies whether to tell the baby gender or not. In this week 18 mommy’s to be may feel;

  1. Their blood pressure will probably be lower than usual and their cardiovascular system undergoing many changes. Some times feeling of faintness and dizziness over rule whole body.
  2. Take right appetite to combat all other issues. Always take iron rich fruits and enriched protein diet.
  3. As your weight is continually growing so buy some more comfortable clothes or maternity clothes in which you don’t feel fit.
  4. There might be the appearance of visible dark line running down your bump called “linea nigra” there is nothing to worry about it is something which develop during pregnancy and easily fade out after the baby birth.
  5. You are now experiencing some problem in sleeping. You can accommodate yourself in such sleeping position which might be easy for you.
  6. Some pregnant women are at a high risk for “preeclampsia”. Ask your health care provider about low-dose aspirin.
  7. “Amniocentesis” test may be offered between 16 week to 20 week. This test can easily identify the problems to those who are at high risk for genetic or chromosomal issues.
  8. “Round ligament pain” is common at this week. As the muscles and ligaments that support your growing uterus stretch, you might notice some pain on the lower sides of your belly.
  9. “Hemorrhoids and piles” some pregnant women experiencing this during pregnancy. Tell your mid wife or doctor to suggest you some creams and ointment for relief.
  10. Backache occasionally are also happened in pregnancy. As your belly gets bigger, your lower back curves more than usual to accommodate the load, resulting in strained back muscles.
  11. You must do some pregnancy friendly exercises and adopt yoga postures which helps you to stay active and healthy. It also affects your muscles to give strength.


“Hemorrhoids and piles”



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