22 weeks pregnant

week 22

What’s happening in week 22

Amazing… you reached to week 22 now you narrow the list of your baby name and get ready for baby shower. As baby grows bigger every week your belly is expanding so fast and your family and friends waiting for new arrival… Hmm it is difficult to track the exact due date of delivery but doctors can estimate it by using Naegele’s Rule.

At a glance

  • At week 22 baby is approximately as the size of coconut.

  • Average baby size this week 10.9 inches long and weight almost 15.2 ounces.

  • Ultrasound of 18 to 22 weeks of pregnancy gives you a glimpse of all baby’s major organs and other body parts.

  • Lots more development and fine tuning with those little muscles this week.

  • More fat is being laid down this week and your baby doesn’t look as translucent as it did a couple of weeks ago.

week 22

Your baby at week 22

Your doctor takes a detailed ultrasound of your baby at this point he take a look of all major organ of baby, and mentioned if there is any complication further in pregnancy.

Baby sleeping in cycles for about 8 to 10 hours, so don’t worry if you feel delayed movements of baby. Doctors advised to feel at least 10 baby fetal movement per day, less of this count means any problem facing your baby.

Healthy pregnancy and strong weight gain of the pregnant mother, especially after week 22, may indicate that there is more than one fetus in the womb which determines the twin or multiple pregnancy.  In a multiple pregnancy , there is more than one fetus in the uterus. Twins are the most frequent, and are divided into single and two-legged. As a rule, this is revealed by the neck fold scan, but some non-specific signs may indicate that it is a multiple pregnancy.

In some families, multiple pregnancies occur more frequently. Using stimulation treatment increases the chance of achieving multiple pregnancy. In particular, mothers who have born before can describe a sense of being greater than in previous pregnancies, and they often have an increased sense of fetal movements.

You at 22 weeks pregnant

  • Mothers are facing a lot of changes with respect to physical and emotional within her, as her uterus grow up fast continuously from navel.
  • Feeling little breathless as not to have much lung capacity as usual due to baby growth.
  • Mothers are facing little depression and frustration due to all body changes and feel herself helpless.
  • Indigestion and heart burn is normal because to elevated hormones level.
  • Progesterone, that all important pregnancy hormone which works on softening the ligaments in your pelvis.
  • Constipation ruled out and could be controlled by taking lot of good fiber drinks and juices, otherwise doctor give you some supplement to fight against constipation.
  • Many women may notice to have feet and ankle swollen in the second trimester of pregnancy which lasts at the time of delivery.


23 weeks pregnant

Naegele’s Rule