23 weeks pregnant

23 weeks pregnant

What’s happening in week 23

You are at 23 weeks pregnant now and half of your pregnancy passed away successfully. And now you think about your little champ, when will he/she come, her/his first touch and etc. Nature has created babies in this earth to help their parents fall in love with them many times when they see their little activities, fun and things with their parents. Give yourself time to build a relationship with your new baby when it is born, and have a little faith in yourself. Mothers especially, having enough love to share between each of their children irrespective how many are they.

At a glance

  • Beginning of week 23, your little bean is around 11 inches long and just over a pound, gaining weight means mother also gain weight accordingly.

  • The placenta which baby’s recently completed life-support system helps to transfers oxygen and nutrients to baby and removes waste products.

  • If your doctor take a scan this week he/she easily see your baby’s organs and bones through her skin, but it will become less transparent.

  • His/her little arms and legs are packing more of a punch these days, mother might feel more baby movement in coming weeks.

  • Baby’s skin has a red hue, thanks to the developing veins and arteries right underneath.

23 weeks

Your baby at week 23

Now at 23 weeks pregnant, and baby’s major organs are developed but still are too small. But if you have your appointment with your GP and he/she take a scan then he/she easily seen:

  • your baby’s organs and bones which are easily visible through his/her skin. But now it is red hue due to developing veins and arteries, but soon as once fat deposits settle in, they become less transparent.
  •  Your doctor and also you probably heard your developing baby’s heartbeat through a Doppler a number of times but by now it can be also hear through a standard stethoscope.
  • Baby’s heart chambers and major blood vessels supplying the heart can all be seen on ultrasound this week.
  • From this week onward  baby can hear sounds outside the world. His/her ears are fully functioning by this stage of pregnancy and he/she will react through punch or kicks, if there is a sudden loud noise. It’s possible that loud noises will now be more familiar and less likely to make your baby jump.
  • Baby’s lungs are continuing to develop getting ready for them to start breathing in the womb, and also for their first breaths after birth.
  • Your baby’s eyes are now fully formed, although they don’t have any colour pigment yet.

You at 23 weeks pregnant

  • As baby gaining pounds mother’s tummy is creeping upwards and is almost above the navel. You may feel sometimes breathless and also as your belly “popped out” now it’s becoming harder to hide the fact that you are pregnant.
  • Due to gaining weight stretch marks are more visible in different vibrant shades of pink and purple available on the surface of skin.
  • Another common complaint at this stage is headaches. which are due to pregnancy hormones. Even if you don’t usually get headaches they may sustain more likely in the next couple of weeks.
  • The palms of your hands and soles of your feet might be red and you might be more prone to heat rash and skin tags.
  • Linea nigra , which runs between your belly button and your pubic area, becoming darker and more visible it’s really a common feature of pregnancy that’s more noticeable in darker-skinned women. All blame to same pregnancy hormones for all the skin discolorations you might be experiencing during pregnancy.
  • Your vaginal discharge is likely to have increased. If it is watery, clear to white in colour and odourless then it is very normal in pregnancy.
  • Skin discoloration is also normal in pregnancy like the darker shade of your areola and the deeper tone of the freckles on your arms and legs. Some women (again, more often the darker-skinned ones) notice discoloration on the face too, especially in the area around the nose, forehead, cheeks and eyes.
  • Yoga’s is considered as  fabulous distressed in pregnancy, if you have time join the session. But here’s a fertility boosting yoga technique you can use just about anywhere, anytime, to soothe your soul
  • Pregnancy insomnia affects more than 75% of pregnant women. Try sliding a pillow between your legs and resting with your knees bent.
  • Keep yourself hydrated so always keep a bottle of water or juice or any other liquid other than alcohol, by your side at all times. Staying hydrated helps maintain your additional blood volume, renews amniotic fluid and bolsters milk production.
  • It’s an adorable feeling of getting used to baby’s movements in the womb. Cherish these light kicks now before they get more powerful, pronounced and sometimes painful (when baby kicks you in the ribs, abdomen or cervix so hard it hurts!).
  • Pregnancy hormones causes the gastrointestinal tract to relax and slow down digestion, so nutrients have more time to enter your bloodstream and to reach your baby.
  • Maintain dental hygiene which reduce irritation to your gums (which are swelling more than usual these days due to hormones) by avoiding chewy sweets, brushing and flossing regularly and visiting the dentist at least once while you’re expecting.
  • It’s important NOT TO miss your monthly ante-natal check up. Mark it on your calendar and in your diary as an event not to miss it.


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