27 weeks pregnant

27 week pregnant

What’s happening in week 27

Baby baby, now you have very less time to have your baby. As your pregnancy proceeds your little bean baby is really pushing the boundaries of its accommodation. So your uterus needs to expand a little more everyday just to fit him/her in it. For this reason mother often feel some ligament and muscle discomfort this week. Her back, pelvis, sides of belly and even legs could be feeling aching and sore just because pregnancy hormones. Gaining excess weight due to baby development will not help your comfort levels. Mother gain her weight an average over the 40 weeks of gestation is around 10-12 kilograms due to her coming baby, its placenta and the amniotic fluid, body increased blood volume, extra circulating fluid, breasts and a little extra fat are all responsible for adding up the kilograms.

At a glance

  • Baby is gaining length at about 14 ½ inches long and weight roughly 2 pounds.

  • Mother feels a lots of her little bean movements from now until 30th week.

  • Your baby can hear you, but know that it’s muffled because the ears are still covered in vernix caseosa, that waxy protective coating on the skin.

  • If you’re feeling unusual movements in your belly, it may be hiccups. As baby’s lungs continue to develop, chances of hiccups increase.

  • baby has started to develop muscle tone so he engaged himself in kicking, rolling and punching all day

  •  Mothers uterus has swelled to the size of a basketball at this week. 

27 weeks pregnant

How big is my baby at 27 weeks?

At week 27 baby’s nervous system becomes more developed and his/her fetal movements will become much more coordinated. As baby gets bigger and stronger at every coming day, his/her movements will become much more powerful but some times, it may be painful when he/she hits to mother’s rib or anywhere else. This week little bean’s taste buds are very developed. Babies have close to 15% fat on their body, but this will be closer to 30% by the time they’re born. In this week and upcoming weeks baby’s heartbeat is so strong that your hubby might be able to hear it if he put his ears on your tummy.

Some women who had previous premature birth experiences and this time they again went into premature labor this week, your baby would be cared for in a special care baby unit, and would have a very good chance of survival ,as their lungs are still developing, but would function with some medical assistance. Your baby’s brain is now also going through its final stages of fine tuning with some last-minute fast and furious development.

You at 27 weeks pregnant

  • Glucose screening test to screen for gestational diabetes are recommended in somewhere between the 24th to 28th gestational weeks of pregnancy. In this test you will offer to drink a very sweet fluid, which tastes like orange soft drink and then collect your after an hour later. If your body is able to produce enough insulin to cope with the surge of sugar then you are fine. If not, a more involved level of screening will be necessary.
  • In order to avoid the urinary track infection you should keep some cranberry juice in the fridge. It is considered as powerhouse of Vitamin C also has the added benefit of helping with urinary tract infections. As it is acidic in nature so it helps to fight off the bacteria which cause this infection and it has the added bonus of tasting really good.
  • As your baby is getting bigger everyday and for such reason mother’s appetite would probably increase quite a bit in these last trimester of pregnancy, as your body uses up more energy for baby development.So always eat healthy, and try to keep as active as possible.
  • Some of the more embarrassing pregnancy side effects could be affecting you now, such as piles, wind and even leaky milky boobs! None of these are any long-term problems but  just all part of the fun of motherhood!
  • Some mother’s who have a previous history of migraines are more often to come across when they’re pregnant, so don’t be worried if it flare up more these days. Since strong migraine needs medications which are probably not even allow now, so its better to consider holistic therapies such as acupuncture, biofeedback, massage, meditation and yoga,these techniques can also help reduce stress, which trigger the migraine.
  • blurred vision is normal during pregnancy and if your eyes are feeling irritated its just because pregnancy hormones decrease tear production, which leads to dry eyes. Use eye drops to ease the discomfort and be sure to tell your practitioner if you develop serious vision problems as it leads to any serious issue.
  • Round ligament pain due to your expanding uterus are feeling particularly achy lately, get off your feet when you can and get as comfortable as possible. Just remember to shift positions slowly so as not to aggravate these growing pains
  • As your weight increase rapidly so belly is getting bigger with each passing week and by now, belly button popped outward and, you are probably having trouble seeing your knees when you’re standing up.
  • Many mothers experiences swelling in their feet and ankles just because of body total blood volume has increased by around 25% since the start of your pregnancy, all that extra circulating blood will responsible for your fingers and ankles swelling.
  • Iron deficiency anemia is common in pregnancy when the demand for a healthy red blood cell count is at its peak. Check with your doctor if you will need to have your Hemoglobin level checked at your next ante-natal checkup.
  • You know it’s wise to sign up for a birthing class because it may be the right time to take the session.
  • For some expectant women, it may feel as if their legs take on a life of their own, becoming tingling and jittery — especially when they lie down at night. Talk to your practitioner about this (in some women, RLS is linked to iron-deficiency, anemia or a sensitivity to certain foods) and consider yoga or other relaxation techniques, which may help.
  • It’s a common pregnancy symptom, some women may experiences faintness and dizziness but mention it to your practitioner (especially if you do faint). It’s important step you can easily stop a dizzy spell by lying down and elevating your feet through pillows as soon as you feel light-headed.


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