33 weeks pregnant

33 weeks pregnant

What’s happening in week 33

Now at week 33 the countdown has almost begun. You are now three-quarters of the way through your pregnancy and you will be amazed at how quickly the remaining 7 official weeks will go by if you deliver on time. But many women deliver their baby before and after the due dates. What once seemed so far away is really getting closer with every day which passes. From now mother’s probably feeling a bit of an emotional shift within herself. You’re starting to notice other pregnant women, babies and young children and taking an interest in other women’s pregnancy experiences. And also want you to share their experience with them.

At a glance

  • At this week baby is around 3-4 lbs in weight and 44 cm long.

  • Your baby is gaining weight on a fast track now, putting on about half a pound per week.

  • Baby’s weight is doubled by the time he’s born.

  • The plates of bone in your baby’s skull are still fairly pliable, to make it easier for him to squeeze down the birth canal.

  • Your baby drinks up to a pint of amniotic fluid a day, it’s really helps to prepare your baby’s gastrointestinal system.

  • Don’t be surprised if baby isn’t moving as much this week; he has a lot less room to kick and roll in there.

33 weeks pregnant

Your baby at week 33

At week 33 baby is now around 3-4 pounds in weight and around 44 cm in length. As his/her all major organs are fully developed but still lungs needs some maturity. Lungs are maturing even more in week 33 to week 35. If  baby were born now means pre term, it is likely to need some support to help it breathe, but perhaps not. Good news! Your baby has reached an important milestone about now: he/she got her own immune system. Antibodies are being passed from mother to little one as baby continues to develop her fetal immune system. Baby is now very aware of dark and light means day and night because the uterine walls are becoming thinner, more light penetrates the womb, helping your baby differentiate between day and night.

You at 33 weeks pregnant

  •  At 33 weeks pregnant, pregnant women might be feeling pretty exhausted so be relaxed because a lot of the time your body needs rest, so remember that read a book or listen to soothing music to relax yourself.
  • Fetal movement is getting strong now so test your baby’s fetal movement twice a day means in the morning and evening. Check the clock and start counting every kick and flutter until counting reach 10. If by the end of the hour you haven’t felt at least 10 good movements, have a snack or some juice, lie down and resume counting again.
  • You should take care of yourself by an energy boost with nutrient and iron rich snacks when you feel yourself flagging.
  • As your baby is getting bigger and its close vicinity to your urinary bladder so you have now frequent urination problem as you pee more frequently. Try not to rush out of the toilet too quickly though as it is good enough to empty your bladder each time you go, to avoid the risk of developing a urinary tract infection.
  • Dental issues such as inflamed and irritated gums are quite common during the last trimester of pregnancy. Just because of high rises of pregnancy hormones may cause gums to swell and leave your mouth more vulnerable to bacteria and plaque which cause bad breath. So it’s important when you brush your teeth, remember to brush your tongue as well to minimize the amount of bacteria in your mouth.
  • Check your iron count. You will need a blood test around this week to determine what level of iron you have or you may need any iron supplements. You may also need your blood group checked and an antibody screen, in order to determine that if you are a Rhesus negative blood group, it is important to make sure you have not developed any antibodies.
  • Blood supply to the breasts increases you may notice that blue color blood vessels are easily seen under the skin. Don’t worry this is not cause any issue.
  • The expo-user to the sun can cause skin pigmentation changes during pregnancy, but it provides Vitamin D. Get this vitamin through foods such as milk, fatty fish and eggs.
  • In the last trimester pregnancy speeds your metabolism to compensate for your weight gain, but beware of indigestion, heartburn and acidity issues.
  • The areola small pimple like sport near the nipples of women may enlarge and produce fluid that lubricates your nipples in preparation for breastfeeding.
  • In the last trimester due to extreme tension of labor many women report an increase in vivid dreams or nightmares.
  • Around 75% of mother’s during this week experience brown patches of pigmentation appearing on their skin specially forehead, cheeks, and neck. This is called ‘melasma’, ‘chloasma’ or hyper-pigmentation.  It is caused because during pregnancy your body makes extra melanin, which is the tanning hormone that your body produces to protect your skin from ultraviolet sunlight. Being exposed to the sun will darken the patches, so it’s really important to apply a sunscreen of SPF 20 or more. Wearing a scarf or hat can also protect your skin from the sun.
  • Braxton Hicks contractions you may practicing contractions in preparation for labor.
  • Nausea situation is extremely less and even you may find some relief in your third and final trimester of pregnancy.
  • As tummy gaining weight due to baby the stretch marks could be appearing. If you’ve avoided them until now, don’t be alarmed,you can do nothing to stop them forming. Just moisturizer your skin, although in the beginning they are red or pink and very visible, after the delivery they will fade to white and not be nearly as noticeable.
  • That swelling tummy is getting itched and itched as days passes, the skin stretches and dries out. If slathering on creams and moisturizer doesn’t help, try calamine or some other type of anti-itch lotion that soothes more stubborn cases. Or add oatmeal to your bath and have a soak in warm (not hot) water.
  • Mother’s breasts could start producing colostrum, an early form of breast milk. for new-born, it is clear to yellowish colored thick fluid, which is very high in antibodies and very necessary for baby immune system development. It means that your breasts are starting early lactation, getting ready to produce milk for your baby after it is born. If you have breastfed a baby previously, you may find you produce colostrum a little earlier.
  • Hemorrhoids  are basically group of balloon like swollen veins located in the lower  rectum region. These veins are swollen only due to pressure that exists during constipation or in pregnancy with the enlarged uterus pressure, in order to reduce discomfort and irritation by using gentle wipes or warm water on soft toilet paper after bowel movements and, of course, taking a lot of fiber food and drinking lots of fluids so your stool isn’t hard.
  • Mood swings are very common in the third trimester. You could noticed in yourself almost heartfelt with happiness one minute and in tears the next. Keep a box of tissues handy and be kind to yourself. Blame those  pregnancy hormones again which can depress your nervous system and cause symptoms similar to pre-menstrual tension.


34 weeks pregnant


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