34 weeks pregnant

34 weeks pregnant

What’s happening in week 34

After week 34 you should look at the calendar and count down the weeks left which could shock to you. After week 34 at any time you should come across a labor pain.

  • Always keep clam and don’t walk in hurry. As your center of balance is changing in pregnancy and it is very common for pregnant women to fall over while walking. Because women won’t be able to see the ground surface as clearly as her tummy is getting bigger every day, so take your time and tread carefully.
  • Make plans for finishing your office work because it’s a time to take the maternity leave. Be realistic about what you can finalize and what you need to delegate to others.

At a glance

  • Baby settles his/her sleep schedule as he/she closes his eyes when he snoozes and opens them when he/she’s awake.

  • If you have a baby boy then his testicles are now in position in the scrotum. 

  • As your baby grows, and the amount of amniotic fluid in his sac decreases, you may be able to see his body parts through your belly very clearly.

  • The waxy, cheesy coating on your baby’s skin ‘vernix’ begins to thicken this week before it starts shedding in the next few weeks.

  • At this week baby is getting himself ready for delivery.

  • Your baby’s hearing will now be developed enough that they can hear you very clearly.

  • Big baby weight is about 5 lbs and measure up at about 45 cm long.

34 weeks

Your baby at week 34

At week 34 baby will now weigh close to 5 lbs and measure in length is about 45 cm long. Although some babies would bear underweight so it is not a hard and fast rule of weight. It is according to the environment where his/her lives during pregnancy. Baby skin is now more smooth and rounded as they continue to increase weight and fill out with fat. Your little one’s fetal movement continue normally throughout your pregnancy and you should even continue to feel them while you are in labor.

As they get bigger the movements feel different but they should still follow their usual pattern right up to the end. Baby’s lungs are now almost fully developed so they will be ready to breathe independently after birth without artificial breathing. Their tiny finger and toenails have now grown and if your baby is overdue they’ll likely need a trim after delivery.

You at 34 weeks pregnant

  • Heartburn, pregnant women old friend can make its presence felt again right now. As baby is pushing mother’s stomach and intestines up and out of their normal positions. So you don’t being able to digest your meals comfortably. So avoid spicy, hot, large meals as you can.
  • Your vision seem blurry these days,with also decrease in tear production can leave your eyes dry and irritated, especially if you wear contact lenses.
  • As your pregnancy progresses, you could see an increase in vaginal discharge due to those pregnancy hormones (especially estrogen) for this symptom.
  • Mood disorders may cause you to feel emotionally unstable this week. You could be feeling fed up with your body shape and a little over being pregnant.
  • Sex and orgasm during pregnancy can have an interesting effect on babies in the mother’s womb, as you may have noticed. Some babies are very quiet and calm after their parents have sex while others become frisky themselves.
  • Around 75%  mothers can experience skin discoloration like brown patches of pigmentation appearing specially around the cheeks, and neck or even on forehead. This pigmentation is called  ‘melasma’, ‘chloasma’ or hyper-pigmentation. You can say any name but in general it is caused when body makes extra melanin, during pregnancy which is the tanning hormone that your body produces to protect your skin from sun ultraviolet (UV) rays. It’s really important to wear a sunscreen of SPF 20 or more. Don’t forget to Wear scarf, veil a hat it can also protect your skin from the sun.
  • Braxton Hicks contractions which are practicing contractions in preparation for labor.
  • If you are suffering from nausea throughout your pregnancy, now it’s a time you may find some relief in your third trimester.
  • At this stage of pregnancy stretch marks could be appearing on your tummy because it is a fun of motherhood . If you’ve avoided them until now but now its come as an unwelcome friend. You can really do nothing to stop them forming. At start they are pink and red in color and very visible, within a year or less they will fade to white and not be nearly as noticeable.
  • As you gaining a lot of weight in last trimester of pregnancy your tummy is probably large enough that can’t easily seen your legs when you’re standing anymore. So 40% of expectant moms are develop varicose veins. These swollen blood vessels can either develop or worsen when you’re expecting, though they are rarely cause for concern.
  • At this stage blinding headache like a migraine hits, alleviate pain by lying down in a quiet, dark room with a cold compress on your neck or forehead. It’s also safe to take paracetamol tablet occasionally during pregnancy if nothing else will stop the pain.
  • Piles are very common as the veins of the rectum have begun to bulge and pop out which is very painful so reduce discomfort and irritation by using gentle wipes or warm water on soft toilet paper after bowel movements and don’t avoid to drink lots of fluids so your stool isn’t hard.
  • Now you are feeling that your breasts could be increasingly heavy and denser as before. Dilated veins are becoming very obvious and visible and the color of  nipples will continue to darken. All of these changes are necessary to prepare your breasts to produce milk for your new-born.
  • One of the most common (must say annoying) pregnancy ailments these days are you may feel as flamethrower in your chest like acidity and indigestion.
  • Uterus expands, it puts pressure on the rectum, which can weaken muscle control and lead to uncontrollable passing of gas. Drink plenty of water to avoid constipation, which worsen the condition.


35 weeks pregnant