35 weeks pregnant

34 weeks pregnant

What’s happening in week 35

You are now 35 weeks pregnant so you should aim to save some money every week from now it will help balance your household budget after the arrival of your new-born baby. Becoming financially dependent can be a big change for many women, who’ve always prided themselves on being able to contribute to the family income. Keep ready yourself for labor any time from this week and if you have pre term labor then the chances of survival of your baby is extremely high. Your hospital bag should be ready with all important things in it and if you don’t have a good camera so buying a good one. You will be feel sorry if you haven’t got a camera right now to catch those early precious moments of motherhood.

At a glance

  • You are 35 weeks pregnant now make sure your hospital bag is ready and packed as well as your cupboards are well stocked for baby.

  • As baby grows and gaining size so less space left in your uterus so baby’s movements are more powerful and have shifted from kicks and punches to rolls and wiggles.

  • Your baby is building up meconium waste in his intestines, which will fill his diaper with a sticky, tar-like mess soon after birth.

  • By this week, almost all babies are positioned with their heads facing down toward your cervix, ready to deliver.

  • The majority of baby’s growth now is based on fat.

35 weeks pregnant

Your baby at week 35

From week 35 baby has only a few weeks left inside the mother’s womb and they are now almost ready for life outside the belly. Now your big baby weigh is around 5.5 lbs and will be close to 50 cm in length. Your baby is gaining about half a pound a week. At this week intense brain growth is occurring because the neurons and early connections in their brain are still developing even more so that at birth, they will be perfectly able to receive stimulation. You doctor at this stage will advise you to eat all important DHA and Omega 3 rich foods which will all help to support your baby’s brain growth. Fish is also a good sources of omega 3. Don’t be alarmed if you feel a little pain with the movement of baby this week , this is normal as your baby grows stronger and has less room to move about, however if the pain is severe and lasts for a while be sure to talk to your midwife or doctor soon for safe side.

You at 35 weeks pregnant

  • In this third and final trimester, many women reported feeling breathless as your growing baby begins pushing up under your diaphragm, so it squashes the lungs, which don’t have the same capacity as they would normally have.
  • Headache is normal during pregnancy but it could be for a number of reasons, such as being overheated or stuck in a stuffy room, elevated pregnancy hormones etc. Take a break and go out for some air or open the window. Ask your practitioner which pain reliever is safe during pregnancy.
  • Leg cramps often occur in the third trimester. It’s often starts and can be very painful while they last. They are often worse at night when lay down on bed. Some midwife suggest for massaging the muscle brings relief while others say it is much too painful to touch so it could be subside by its own.
  • Week by week baby’s bones are getting harder and clarifying, it means that your diet is particularly important at this stage of pregnancy. Ensure you’re having 3-4 serves of calcium rich foods each day like  milk, cheese, yogurt, almonds, fish with edible bones, green leafy vegetables are good sources. Otherwise doctor give you some iron supplements.
  • In order to avoid heartburn and acidity simply avoid large, infrequent meals. Go for light, easy to digest foods which won’t require intensive digestion. Fruit, vegetables, toasted sandwiches, salads, yogurt, cereals, crackers and cheese are all good staples for healthy snacking.
  • Maintaining your hydration will help you to stay mentally alert and keep your kidneys functioning well, so drinking plenty of water.
  • Blame to those pregnancy hormones which grows nails faster become brittle. If your nails are brittle, try getting lots of biotin in your diet and try gelatin capsules, which are safe during pregnancy.
  • If you are suffering with constipation in your pregnancy then you add more fiber to your diet. Choose whole grain and whole wheat bread, pasta and cereals and add more vegetables to your diet including high fiber broccoli, cauliflower or fruits like peaches, pears, apples and plums which are high in fiber. Drinking plenty of water is also vitally important to help to ease constipation.
  • Mood swings and disorders may cause you to feel emotionally unstable this week. You could be feeling fed up with your body shape and a little over being pregnant.
  • As your due date approaches your breasts may leak colostrum which is yellowish pre-milk that will be your baby’s first drink. You won’t be leaking more than a few drops, but if you feel uncomfortable, try nursing pads.
  • When you have your antennal checks this week, your baby is probably lying with its head down by now. This is known officially as a cephalic presentation. Don’t worry if your baby is lying sideways or even head up now, especially if you have had a baby before. There is still time for it to move into its correct position before you are due to deliver.


36 weeks pregnant