39 weeks pregnant

39 weeks

What’s happening in week 39

Congratulations! At 39 weeks pregnant, you officially considered a full-term baby. So wait for labor pains!

  • Finalize the list of baby names and review what appeals to you and your family. Prepare your hospital bag with all necessary items of baby and yours. Don’t forget to organize your kitchen cupboards and fridge racks.
  • If you not come across the labor pains this week your midwife or doctor may sweep. Sweep means vaginal examination and involves placing a finger inside your cervix area and making circular sweeping movement as a ‘soft’ way of inducing labor. And after this procedure 75% women may start their labor.
  • Or if you are interested in cesarean delivery just book your operation, mark the date in your diary or calendar if you haven’t already done so.

At a glance

  • Baby is fully developed and getting ready to meet you now.

  • They are putting on weight and getting into the ‘engaged’ position means head down position.

  • On both girls and boys at this week small breast buds can be seen easily.

  • In last few weeks baby’s body isn’t growing as much, but baby’s brain continue and 30 percent bigger than it.

  • Your baby has likely reached her birth weight of somewhere between 6 and 9 pound.

  • Your baby’s pink skin has turned whitish and won’t have any pigment until shortly after birth.

39 weeks

How big is my baby at 39 weeks?

Just like mother, baby is also waiting for the signal to go now, and is ready to meet with parents and people outside womb. Baby fully developed and grown at close to 50 cm and weighing 7 to 8 lbs, he/she is head down position and waiting for those first lovely moments of skin to skin contact and that first feed with mum. Baby will be shedding the Vernix Caseosa which will be mixing into the remaining amniotic fluid, which is likely to be swallowed by the baby.

You at 39 weeks pregnant

  • Your waters bag could break before you even go in the state of labor. If this does happen, it’s most likely go into labor within 24 hours. But if not, your midwife may recommend that your labor might need to be induced so as to reduce the risk of any infection. Amniotic fluid looks a bit like urine and is a pale straw color. When your waters break, the color may be a little blood stained to start with
  • Heartburn, pregnant women old friend can make its presence felt again right now. As baby is pushing mother’s stomach and intestines up and out of their normal positions. So you don’t being able to digest your meals comfortably. So avoid spicy, hot, large meals as you can.
  • Your vision seem blurry these days,with also decrease in tear production can leave your eyes dry and irritated, especially if you wear contact lenses.
  • Your vaginal discharge due to those pregnancy hormones (especially estrogen) increases in coming weeks and discharge may be getting thicker. Don’t do anything if you notice the mucous is pinkish, red or brownish a vaginal examination. That just means that your cervix, which is sensitive now and may be starting to dilate, has been bruised.
  • Mood disorders may cause you to feel emotionally unstable this week. You could be feeling fed up with your body shape and a little over being pregnant.


40 weeks pregnant