8 Factors That Could Be Keeping You Awake at Night

8 Factors That Could Be Keeping You Awake at Night

Proper sleep at night is very important so that you awake active and fresh in morning. If someone is facing some sleep disorder or disturbance, he/she should identify the underlying cause.Now here we discuss some contributing factors to your restless night:


If you are snoring, and it awake your partner ultimately it affects your relationship badly.Without any consequence, about 30% to 50% Americans snore.

8 Factors That Could Be Keeping You Awake at NightBut some times, snoring may be a symptom of sleep apnea, a disorder linked to high blood pressure,stroke and heart disease.


Some of the main causes include Temporo-mandibular joint syndrome (problems with the jaw muscles),Back pain, headaches,which are responsible for pain-related sleep loss.According to one study, 15% of Americans reported suffering from chronic pain, and two-thirds also reported having sleep problem.

3.Stress & Mental illness:

Depression and anxiety may cause insomnia.The neurotransmitter which are release from brain for sleep and mood, are same so it quiet difficult to know that which starts first.Stressful situations or events, such as money or marital problems, often kick off insomnia that can become a long-term problem.

4.Shift work:

If you upset your circadian rhythm, like doctors, nurses or other shift workers then it affects your normal wake sleep timing.According to a 2007 study in Argentina,people who work with rotating shifts have lower levels of hormone and neurotransmitter in the central nervous system  that is ”Serotonin”, which helps to regulate sleep.

8 Factors That Could Be Keeping You Awake at Night

5.Changes in harmone:

As a person is pass through different levels of life facing different situation.Likewise our body, mostly in females menopause, menstruation, and pregnancy are some of the primary sources of sleep problems. Frequent urination,Hot flashes (in menopause),tender breasts all interrupt regular sleep patterns. According to the National Sleep Foundation, approximately 40% of perimenopausal women (those who are in their menopausal transition years) have sleep problems.


Over the counter and prescription medications,can disrupt your sleep pattern, particularly if you take them close to bedtime or if your dosage is increased.If you use some medicine which affects your sleep pattern consult your doctor for any possible connection.

8 Factors That Could Be Keeping You Awake at Night

7.Medical illnesses:

If you are suffering from any medical condition, then you are suffering from sleep disorder. With lung disease patient facing wheezing or shortness of breath with asthma, can disrupt your sleep, particularly in the early morning. Parkinson’s and other neurological diseases count insomnia as a frequent side effect. If you suffer from heart failure you may develop abnormal breathing patterns.

8.Jet lag:

Crossing over with time zones throws off your internal clock, which tells your brain to sleep when it’s dark and wake up when it’s light. Your body can take up to three days to adjust to the new light/dark schedule in another time zone, and if you fly across time zones often, jet lag can cause chronic sleep problems.