9 Benefits of Pregnancy Sex

love and pregnancy

Having sex during pregnancy associated with  many health benefits. Most women who are having a normal pregnancy may continue to have sex right up until their water breaks or they go into labor. There are many questions raising that is it safe to have sex during pregnancy? or does sex during pregnancy harm the baby or not? The answer is sex during pregnancy is safe and it’s not hurt the baby. The amniotic sac and the strong muscles of the mother uterus protect the baby, and the thick mucus plug that seals the cervix helps guard against infection. There are some benefits of sex during pregnancy.

Burns calories: Love making is the best way to burn up to 50 calories or more in 30 minutes.

Lower blood pressure: Studies reveals that by having sex it lower the blood pressure which is good for mother, as high blood pressure creates many problems and complications in pregnancy such as preeclampsia.

Reduces pain: By having fun and sex orgasm releases the love hormones called oxytocin which helps to increase pain tolerance up to 74%.  Many women may feel some mild abdominal cramps or contractions during or immediately after intercourse or orgasm but it will be reduced soon.

Improves sleep: By making love mother feel intimacy with partner and have relax so it helps her to sleep better. And for babies the rocking and exciting session of sex often baby to sleep better.

Improves orgasms:Making love during pregnancy boost up the blood flow which increases the sexual desire. In fact many women get real orgasms during pregnancy

Boosts immunity: Many school of thoughts said that sex boosts up the levels of IgA which is an antibody that helps to avoid cold and other infections in body.

Boosts happiness: By making sex and love endorphins releases which increases the happiness for both of you partners as well as for baby too and baby is feeling more relaxed.

Increases intimacy:  Romance between the partners in pregnancy time period fade out, but by making fun to have sex boost up the intimacy and love between them.

Speeds up postpartum recovery: By making sex during pregnancy not only increase the pleasure and satisfaction but also prepare the pelvic floor for childbirth.


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