Are Plastic Utensils Dangerous?

plastic utensilsare dangerous

Plastic utensils and their harmful effects:

Impact of plastic in human body

Plastic utensils or product are being a part of our daily life. From morning to night sleep we use various plastic products like morning tooth brush to  bedroom light switches. It is definitely impossible to spend a day without plastics because they are very comfortable, cheap in price and easy to use.

In our home we store water in all sorts of plastic bottles, jugs or containers. Mothers give lunch to their children in plastic containers. Even though we don’t care about the what type of grade of plastics we use. We use plastic products without  having any tension at all. But in regular or daily practice of using plastic containers or bottles may have lots of harmful effects on human body.

Here we list up some worst disease which is caused by the chemicals present in plastics.

Risk of kidney stones

Now a days having stones in kidney is considered as normal thing but in real it is very dangerous situation. Researchers say in home or office when we use melamine utensils and put hot meals on them could be harmful to health. As hot temperature increase the amount of melamine and this can increase the risk of kidney stones in both children and adults. So it is recommended for safer side to use ceramic crockery or stainless steel utensils rather then plastic or melamine crockery.

Accelerate Breast cancer

Plastics melts or even release very harmful chemical when hot or when exposed to hot sun. In regular practice we often store water in plastic bottles while we travel, or most of the times we leave plastic bottles in car where it is in direct exposure of sun and we drink the same water. Such heating releases a toxin called dioxin in the water. Dioxin which accelerate breast cancer. In order to avoid all these issues always use glass bottles or stainless steel bottles like thermo steel so that we and our children stay healthy.

Hormonal imbalance

Biphenyl A which is present in plastics is an estrogen-mimicking chemical.  It can lead to lots of health hazards like obesity, diabetes, cancer, asthma, fertility problems and even early puberty in girls. It also leads to neurological effects.


Prevention From Breast Cancer

Liver cancer and reduced sperm count

In order to make plastic soft, Phthalates are used which is a chemical. They badly affect on male reproductive system like reducing sperm quality, and male hormone levels. Because of  the presence of phthalates in plastics, drinking water from plastic bottles can also lead to liver cancer.

Guide Line For Using Plastic:

types of plastic is good
plastic awareness

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