bad dental habits

Smile reflects the personality. Oral health is very important for the maintainance of beautiful smile. But there are some bad habits that destroy your smile. So always be conscious about your oral health issues in order to get rid of many health issues and infections. Always avoid these bad habits that destroy your smile and also affect badly on your health these are;

Not Flossing

Many people realized that brushing twice a day is good and enough for maintainance of oral health but they do not even know that flossing is equally essential once a day for maintainance of healthy smile. Flossing activity removes the cavity causing bacteria which left behind from food particles. As our teeth are tight enough so food particles in between them cannot easily removed through brushing that’s why flossing is very important. Take about 18 inch long floss and gently allow it in between curves of your teeth. Sure that it reaches to gum line and allow particles to remove. When first time start flossing people experienced bleeding and irritation but with regular use it could be settled down.

Brushing too soon after eating

When people intake soda and other beverages such as energy drinks and fruit juices as they are acidic in nature they can affect on teeth badly . And if you brushing too soon after eating or drinking these items it can cause damage because it contains acid and you brushing acid on teeth and nothing else. So only rinse your mouth with plain water and after 30 minutes have brush.

Not replacing your tooth-brush

It is in common practice busy people don’t give attention towards their tooth-brush as they become old and ineffective too. Old brush not only become hard but also harm your gums and teeth also as they not remove the bacteria nd plaque. Toothbrushes alway use according to your teeth and replace it after every 1.5 months.

Excessively bleaching your teeth

Do not apply any new and home-made product on your teeth. Overzealous bleaching can affect the teeth enamel and teeth looks unnaturally white. It also increase tooth sensitivity. Before using any bleach or similar product be sure that your dentist recommend it to you. Other wise you have to face many dental issues.

Using hard bristled tooth-brush

Some people use hard bristled tooth-brush as they assume that it is good for plaque removal. On the other hand it readily damage your gums and cause bleeding. Always use soft kriss crossed bristled tooth-brush and brush at the angle of 45 degree for better results.

Use of tobacco and alcohol

Teeth plays a role in beautiful smile isn’t it……? Those people who are addictive of tobacco and alcohol have facing serious dental issues. Use of excessive tobacco not only cause bad breath but it also discolour your teeth and enamel. This bad habit must be avoid in order to maintain beautiful smile,healthy teeth and strong enamel.