Capillary Botox Best Treatment For Hair Frizz!

Capillary Botox, best treatment for hair frizz!

Hair style determine the whole personality, but if you are a victim of frizzy hair then you need to have special care of your hair. Here we discuss the capillary botox hair treatment, so that women with frizzy hair cases also make different hair styles by applying this. And I am sure by applying this method you fall in love with your hair. It so magical.


Capillary botox is a hair fill treatment that recovers the shine and elasticity of hair. Its greatest merit is the almost complete elimination of frizz.

Treatment that has become a breakthrough in hair salons in recent years, it promises reduce frizz and up to 50% of the volume without removing the natural waves from your locks. Not to mention the brightness – seven days after the application, I continue to receive praise for the healthy appearance of my hair.Capillary Botox, best treatment for hair frizz!


“Capillary botox is formulated with raw materials of very low molecular weight,” Unlike the progressive brush, it does not take formaldehyde in its composition, in addition to having no smell and not causing discomforts such as itching or burning eyes during the application. In practice, it is the kind of completely painless, odorless and “quiet” treatment to do. All you need is time. “It will promote volume reduction and elimination of frizz thanks to the thermal realignment of alpha and beta zones of the fiber,” explains the hair stylist.


Reserve at least three hours of your day when venturing out with the hair botox – but I guarantee it’s worth it. The first stage is the traditional washing of the hair, which follows from the application of the product along the entire length of the threads, from the root to the tips. 50 minutes later, most of the botox is rinsed, leaving only 20% of the substance in the locks. After this phase, with the help of a board, the yarns are sealed quietly, wick by wick. After that, go to the water again: it is time to do the final rinse and finally perform the brush with a drier.

Although you come out with the super smooth strands, do not confuse the capillary botox with progressive brush: it takes out the frizz and the volume, not the curls and waves. In short, the treatment leaves you with hair the best style “I woke up like this”, but without the part of the messy wires.Capillary Botox, best treatment for hair frizz!I washed my hair 24 hours after the treatment and did not have any problems: a week later, I leave the bath and let my hair dry naturally (I am not adept at the hair dryer). The result is that famous “salon effect” every day.


Does not have. Everyone can do it!


“Avoiding anti-oxidant products, keep the hydration fortnightly at home and, every 30 or 45 days, perform deeper hydration’s with your reliable professional,” advises hairstylist.



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