Are you and your partner trying to conceive but aren’t having any good luck? There are some common mistakes that many couples follows while trying for pregnancy. When a time comes for making a bay most couples don’t even bother about very essential things which might  be the reasons for their delay in pregnancy. Here are some mistakes which are very common among couples who wants to start their family these are;

  • NOT HAVING REGULAR SEX:  This is really very common mistakes which couples probably doing while their first baby trial. They think that they only do the sex on particular frame of time of ovulation. They thought ovulation is the best time to do sex and best way to get pregnant. But it is very hard to predict the right time of ovulation. And most common misconception is that woman no longer fertile in the rest of month after ovulation. Those couples who have sex all round three days a week have more chance to conceive easily than those who have sex once in a week or less.

  • HAVING TOO MUCH SEX:  Some couples think that having too much sex on a regular basis increase their chances of pregnancy. But to be very honest it is nothing but bull shit and if some one advice you to do that ignore them. Have healthy sex after every other day before or after ovulation time period or when the women is in her most fertile window increase the chances of pregnancy.

  • NOT KNOW ABOUT FERTILE DAYS: Knowing about your fertile window is most important trick of getting pregnant. Five days before ovulation to the day of ovulation is the best time for sex. But most of the women don’t even know about their fertile days. To know about fertility days woman can use the ovulation calculator online.

  • HAVING IRREGULAR CYCLE: Women with irregular cycle doesn’t mean that you aren’t ovulate. However some women with PCOS have very long menstrual cycle may have less chances of pregnancy or whose cycle are absent also have fewer chances of conceiving but it doesn’t means you are not pregnant at all. In order to improve the chances of pregnancy consult to a good doctor and improve your chances of pregnancy.

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  • USING OF LUBRICANT: Some lubricants are not sperms friendly and reduces the chances of pregnancy. Woman vagina contains natural lubricant called cervical fluids that provides the natural transportation to sperms to perform. Some artificial lubricant hostile the sperms and also slow down their motion. So always avoid such lubricants at all.

  • UNDERSTAND YOUR FERTILE SIGNS: Some women misinterpret their fertility signs and think these days are their fertile days. White slippery, clear cervical mucus is a good indicator for fertility days. But it doesn’t means that when you noticed the egg white mucus you think you are ovulating. So understand your fertility signs appropriately.

  • MISCONCEPTION ABOUT REGULAR CYCLE: Women often have misconceptions that if their cycle is regular than it means she is fertile. This is true but ovulation doesn’t means that your egg quality is good and appropriate for conception. So consult to your doctor and investigate the egg quality and size in order to get pregnancy.

  • NOT TAKING CARE OF HEALTH ISSUES: Good health isn’t means that you have no fertility issues. Some times either of the partner is facing some health problems like diabetes, thyroid disorders,lupus or any other problem these health issues seriously affect the fertility. So consult to the doctor and take advice.

  • ASSUMING NO PROBLEM WITH THE MALE PARTNER: When couples are trying from long time and not able to get pregnancy than they think problem is associated with the woman only and the male partner is fit. It is very common misconceptions among many couples that there is no fertility issues in men. Although it is not right sperm counts and quality matters a lot so have sperm test and investigate the problem.

  • NOT CONSULT A DOCTOR SOON ENOUGH: Couples who are over the age of 35 years and are trying for a baby but not succeeded than they consult with a doctor about their issues. Many couples give time and their fertility time is over so have facing many problems. So go and see a doctor sooner after 4 to 6 months of trying.


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