common cats feeding mistakes

Sweetness and cuddliness makes cats an easy animal, that’s why it is one of the most common home pet animal. Taking care of your pet make her more groom. But as a responsible cat owner and care taker there are some common cats feeding mistakes to avoid in order to ensure your pretty feline live long, healthy and stay happy always.

Common Cats Feeding Mistakes

Here are some very common mistakes feline owners makes, specially when they comes to feeding their pretty cats are;

Feeding Dog Food To Your Cat

Some times it would happen surprisingly when some one have multipets than they let the pets to eat from whatever bowl they want. It would really happens more often than we had generally think. Means cats may eat dogs foods from its bowl and so on. Woefully, this can create serious health complications to your cats. Because dog’s food doesn’t have enough protein for cats. Cats need different nutritional requirements which is totally differ from dogs food. Dog’s food is not supplemented with taurine, which is necessary element in cats diet plan otherwise cats faces taurine deficiency. Sea foods are enriched with fat and protein than dog food. In contrast if dogs eats sea food on regular basis than they come across with many problems like kidney issues as well as obesity.

cat eating dog food

Feeding To much Tuna to Your Cat

If tuna is given too often to your cats, it can cause yellow fat disease called “steatitis”, because tuna doesn’t have an adequate amount of vitamin E. But it is probably harmless when give it in moderation and it also causes malnutrition and increased the risk of mercury poisoning if tuna considered as steady diet. Many cats become addicted to tuna due to its strong taste and smell. Tuna junkies are mostly refer veterinarians. But the problem become more serious when cats refuse to eat anything else other than tuna junkies. Above all if tuna added in cat’s diet then it must be in controlled way.

Feeding Raw Fish

Feeding too much raw fish is not good for your feline because raw fish excessively contains thiaminase enzyme, which destroys thiamine (one of the B vitamins). Deficiency of thiamine can create many serious health problems like loss of appetite, seizure and even death. Although cooking destroys the enzyme thiaminase thus protecting thiamine. Raw fish is not a usual diets for feline except that they are exposed to it by their owner’s or if it is their only food source. Risk of parasites are always there when feeding raw fish.

Offering Milk To Your Cat

Milk is the main source of calcium for cats. Some cats do not even have any problem with the infrequent milk treat. But if giving milk on a regular basis it often leads to diarrhea. Although milk is not replacement of water and don’t even giving instead. Because excessive milk intake and less water intake leads to dehydration and naturally cats have very low thirst drive.

cat milk

Over Supplementation/ Toxic Foods

Do not add some extra supplements to the cat’s diet if you are feeding well-balanced and good quality diet. Because some times it increases the toxic levels. Many pets care takers assume that because food is safe for human consumption it must be good and safe for them also. Always followed the veterinarian approved recipes if you are feeding home-made diet. Theobromine is present in chocolate are good for human but extremely toxic for feline, same as raisins and grapes causes kidney damage and onion cause anemia.

Feeding Your Cat A Vegetarian Diet

Feline are obligate carnivores, so meat is essential element for their survival. Because they get vitamin A source from meat. Those pets care taker who are vegetarians and don’t eat meat due to ethical or moral reasons and even not feeding meat to their cats too, it will creat serious diet deficiencies and leads to death. So not compromise on cat’s diet because they need meat.

Allowing Your Cat To Become Obese

Most often pets owner feed too much killing food to their cats and not provide enough opportunities for physical activity. Many cats do nothing other than waddle from sofa to food bowl. It will lead to obesity in cats. Obesity  can also due to many teats or by giving inappropriate type of food items. If your cats are overweight and obese than consult to your pets veterinarian and follows his/her instructions.Increase the amount of exercise and follow weight reduction plan through daily play sessions.

Inappropriate Stage Of Life Feeding

Pet foods are visibly labeled the information regarding stage of life as well as ingredients like proteins and fat etc. Feed your cat the diet which is appropriate for their stage of more protein and fat diet is given to adult cat for first year of life. Some food are labeled for old cats, young cats , senior cats or inactive cats etc. Always check the expiry of the food labelled on the packet because spoiled and out date food items is not acceptable and cats become sick with food poisoning just like human are. Therapeutic diets are also good for specific health concerns. Also you can consult to the veterinarian or veterinary nutrition expert for their appropriate and safe diet plan.

Allowing Your Cat To Eat Table scraps

Table scraps for cats are not considered as well-balanced diet because most of them are too spicy and fatty. More than 10% table scraps in regular cat’s diet can creat a deficiencies. In addition to nutritional concerns, many behavior problems are associated with feeding table scraps regularly like food-stealing and begging etc. The occasional table scraps are fine but always put food in cat’s bowl. Also keep it in your mind that feeding human food on regular basis may make your feline picky and create problem to eat their own food. Food items with bones can be dangerous because it leads to choking, bones like chicken bones have splinter and cause esophagus injury.


Feeding To Many Treats To Cat

Treats are most powerful tools for use in behaviour modification and cat’s training. But always use them wisely because it is not a  replacement for well-balanced nutritious diet. Because they do not contain the necessary nutrients  of healthy daily diet. If cats are over weight than always feed regular food for daily purpose and do not increase calories through treats.


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