Nail art gets popularity among females of all ages. Females are admire nail art designs but they are scared too. Because they think it is a complex art work. But in real nails art designs are very simple if  we have time, patience and a lot of practice. We can easily do it in our own nails. So be relax and feel easy on yourself and start today with these very simple and easy nail art designs ideas  for beginners. So why you are waiting start it now;


Following tools and things are required for nail art designs;

  • Nail polishes of different shades of your choice and requirement.
  • Bobby pins for dots design.
  • Thin paint brush.
  • Pair of scissors.
  • Cello or scotch tape.
  • Round shaped band for semi-circle designs.
  • Cotton pad.
  • Glitters or beads.
  • Nail filer or pen.


Following tips should keep in mind when applying nail art designs are;

  • Yours nails should be neatly filed or manicured before nail art painting.
  • Nail art work needs fast pace of work because nail polish dry very shortly in order to apply glitter or any other object you should do it quickly before nail polish dries.
  • Apply two to three coats of nail polish for neat and clear looks and your designs will be long-lasting.
  • Don’t use any kitchen tools for nail art, it will damage your skin or nails.
  • Use nail polish remover or strips to clean if you have any application mistakes.
  • Keep in mind nail art is like painting or makeup. You try out different colours or patterns of your choice to make it attractive.


Following are some most popular and attention taking nail art designs you are easily follows the instruction and do it by your own;

1- Alternate Nail Colours Or Rainbow Nail Art:

Apply different colours of nail polish to each of your finger nails according to your dress or costume colours. It looks very pretty and beautiful easily grab the attention of many people. It is very easy and less time taking nail art you can easily do it at your own.

2- Apply Effect Nail Polish:

Fashion industry and media make every thing very easy. Now a days several effect nail polishes are easily available in the markets. You can choose according to your requirement and apply on your nails. Some most common effect nail polishes are magnetic effect, croc effect, crackle effect, leather effect, cherry pie effect or web effect. You can easily use it and make a very different and quick nail looks.

3- Nails Wraps or Stickers:

Ready to use nail stickers or nail wrap are easily available in the market. How to use them instructions are available on the packs. These are also very simple and easy methods of nail art designs for beginners.

4-Dotting Nail Art Designs:

Dots looks elegant and simple. It is very easy nail art design for beginner. Take a pin or pointed stick and apply different colours of dots of nails. But the thing is apply one colour nail polish to all fingure nails and then apply different colour contrast dots on them, to make them attractive or even more charming.

5-Stripes Nail Art Designs:

For beginners strip design are very common and easy. Make strips by the use of thin pain brush or nail art stripper or even pen. Strips looks very pretty and charming on nails when it create neatly. Strips design needs patience and time to create strips all at same level and thickness.

6- Animal Prints:

Animal prints are easily created on nails and looks very attractive like zebra print or leopard print or even cat foots print.

7- Use Of Beads And Pearls:

Another simple and different nail art designs for beginners are used of beads and pearls on different designs of nail art. It looks so attractive and different. Choose any design of your choice whether dots, strips or sticker. When you make your full design apply beads on them to make them more charming and grab the attention of people towards them.