Embarrassing Pregnancy Symptoms

pregnancy symptoms

What to do about those embarrassing pregnancy symptoms?

When pregnancy progress many women feels some weird and embarrassing pregnancy symptoms. These symptoms are really very uncomfortable and hard to discuss with anyone some are hemorrhoids or piles,windy tummy or gastric issues and leaky boobs.

At a glance

  • Hemorrhoids or commonly known as piles are very uncomfortable during pregnancy and can usually be treated with over the counter creams

  • Excessive wind or gastric issues may be down to your hormones but adjusting your diet could help

  • Leaky boobs may take you by surprise, so stock up on breast pads early

embrassing pregnancy symptoms


Hemorrhoids are basically group of balloon like swollen veins located in the lower rectum region. These veins are swollen only due to pressure that exists during constipation or in pregnancy with the enlarged uterus pressure. It is really very hard situation for any pregnant women that when she poo —- feel very sore, bleed or feeling itchy.

It is very common situation in pregnancy, although some women faces in very early weeks while some faces this situation after first trimester of pregnancy. Because all the hormones surging around your body can make the veins more relaxed than usual, this the reason pregnant women can be more prone to them. So do not feel embarrassing and talk to your midwife. She will definitely gives you some solution how to get rid of it during pregnancy. By giving over the counter creams or advise you to use ice packs that really helpful in painful piles.


Gastric issues or excessive windy tummy before or after meal is another by-product of pregnancy. Pregnant women feel wind upper or lower part of abdomen and sometimes it is really uncomfortable and painful. Basically it’s down to hormones again and your digestive process slowing down.

Once again it is not too much embarrassing situation talk to your midwife. She might suggest you an antacid medicine or change in your diet plan. Avoid alcohol or fizzy and soft carbonated drinks in pregnancy and take a lot of juices and vegetables.


Some pregnant women will start producing colostrum in their early pregnancy. So leaky boobs can take so many mommy to be surprise in pregnancy. There is nothing to worry again because it will not harm you and your little champ in womb,  but obviously it could be embarrassing if you are constantly sporting a wet patch on your top. So talk to your midwife she will definitely advise you about breast pads, and line your bra with them if you are experiencing leakage.


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