Five Things Every Child Needs From Their Mom

mother's love

           “Thank You Mom You Are The Best Mom In This World As Your Love To                 Me Is Always Unconditional.”

Studies reveals that there are five essential things every child needs from their mom.

1. Safety – Early in our childhood, we experience this world is full of danger. We become terrified from very little things such as going in dark and scary places we feel alone just because, we don’t feel love inside. This is quite painful situation. Safety always comes form of a person who is predictable, stable, and danger-free. And only mother has such personality which creates a foundation for all the other tasks of mothering, and of course, knowing that she were there for us whenever we needed them kept us feeling safe and secure. Our mother’s consistent, caring, and unconditional love gives the child a safe place.

2. Nurture – It means to “feed or nourish.” Mothers pour care into the souls of their children much like sunlight and water pour nutrients into a plant. Our moms always knew that a full belly was a happy belly. This might have meant amazing dinners together at home, or even the occasional meal out. Even she offers to let us have the very last bite — even though she might still be hungry. To give our mothers a big “Thank you” hug for keeping us fed for so many years.

3. Basic Trust – Our mothers had to keep pace with us the whole way and give us a basic trust which make us strong. Our mothers cultivated our interests and encouraged us to explore them. Trust nurtures child ability to need and to depend, which allows them to grow and develop rationally. Children always feel comfortable with dependency on her mother. A trustworthy mother develops those abilities in us.

mother love

4. Belonging and Invitation – It’s a human nature basic need is to belong to someone and to something bigger than ourselves. Belonging and love are at the root of our humanness. Mother’s  relationship, love and care, make us feel wanted, which transfers into later feelings of worth and confidence in relationships. Mother bought up their children with strong feeling of love and affection, so that her child never give up in front of any one.

5. Someone to Love – Mother provides safety, nurture, trustworthiness, belonging, and lovability, to her child on his way to healthy development. Mother has a strong emotional bond with her children such emotional, physical, intellectual, and social, bond and support give her children hope and optimism.



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