Market Fruit Juice Cancer Warning

Is packaged fruit juices and drinks are dangerous to health? The quick researchers answer is Yes, because scientists finds harmful chemical in packaged drinks. As all the marketing agents and advertisements for freshly pressed and blended juices promises instant energy, 100% pure without preservatives, pure squeezed, weight loss, a flood of vitamins and minerals — all in a single, portable, gulp able serving of bottle or tin. Scientists from the University of Copenhagen found that bottles of fruit juice and squash contained up to 2.5 times more of the substance as is deemed ‘safe’ as a result it leads to cardiovascular disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, poly cystic ovarian syndrome PCOS in women specially teenage girls and chronic lung disease.

Millions of children drunk fruit juices and soft drinks each day could contain hazardous chemicals linked to cancer, so scientists have warned. Many of the fruit juices comes in market are in plastic bottles and containers, so chemical or preservatives are leaching its way into fruit juice from the plastic bottles which hold it. Even experts, environmentalists have long tried to wean us off ,their concern in mineral water bottles, as it is also in plastic container which usually exposed to sunlight, which straight away raises fear for the health of millions of people throughout world. Meanwhile, efforts by the fruit juices and soft drinks companies to grow the market continuously. Not only this but also propagate to drink fruit juice and smoothies in breakfast and in lunch time which leads cancer. Researcher said children when they come home from school asking for soft drinks which contains a heavy amount of sugar leads to obesity in their early childhood age.

Health-minded consumers seem to have bought the claims — due to unhealthy chemicals, preservatives and reported fungus growth in gallons of juice packs. But according to dietitians and nutrition scientists, juice is far from the healthiest way to consume fruits in healthy manner. So many people think to buy it from market due to popularity of brand which is although a dangerous trend. Marketed fruit juice isn’t the same as intact fruit and it has as much sugar as many classical sugar drinks have.


  • Always give your children a fresh and preferably home-made any fruit juice.
  • Homemade fruit juices are healthy and have no preservative or chemical.
  • Homemade smoothie or juice are 100% pure with no sugar added.
  • Homemade juices are rich in fiber and energy. Diets higher in fiber are associated with lower risk of cardiovascular disease and lower body weight.

fruit juice

  • Even it doesn’t contain any heath issue like increase your risk of diabetes and weight gain.
  • Smoothies do provide fiber, as the entire fruit often goes into the blender, skins and all, but they still contain a lot of calories… even though good for children of growing age.
  • Expensive, freshly pressed fruit juices from the local juice bar are no healthier for children and adult as it contains a lot of sugar which leads to early teeth decay.


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