How to remove dark circles?

To get dark circles under the eyes, simple homemade treatments such as cucumber, chamomile and potato can be used, but there are also other cosmetic treatments that achieve great results, such as the use of a correct dark circles cream and clinical treatments such as laser and The peeling with acids.

Homemade treatments have better results for dark circles that come up from time to time, because if you slept badly, spent the night crying or are very tired, for example. Even for very dark and deep dark circles, it is usually necessary to resort to specialized treatments, performed by doctors or physiotherapists.

Home Treatments:

How to remove dark circlesHow to remove dark circles with cucumber?

Some great home remedies for dark circles are:

  1. Apply a cold compress of chamomile tea before bed and wake up because chamomile soothes the skin and the cold temperature decreases the size of the blood vessels, lightening the area of ​​the eyes.
  2. Place cold potato slices or cucumber slices and leave to act for about 15 minutes, the temperature makes a vasoconstriction, leaving the region less swollen and both the cucumber and the potato lighten the skin naturally.
  3. Place a piece of cold foil over the bag formed by the olheira for about 15 minutes. This technique works the same way as the potato, contracting the vessels and reducing the look of the eye.

Also, eating well, drinking plenty of water, getting enough rest, quitting smoking, avoiding stress and badly sleeping nights are also some ways to prevent the appearance or aggravation of dark circles.

Specialized aesthetic treatments:

How to take a peek with Peeling?

Some of the most aesthetic treatments performed at clinics to remove dark circles include:

  1. Eye Cream : Prescribed by the dermatologist, which will help lower blood vessels, decongest the area and clear it. The chosen cream should be applied at night under dark circles, with circular movements counterclockwise, from outside to the inner corner of the eyes, until completely absorbed.
  2. Peeling with acid (retinoic or glycolic): Powerful esthetic treatment, which achieves excellent results, being especially indicated for cases of genetic look, very dark and well marked.
  3. Laser : Excellent treatment that must be performed by the dermatologist or specialized physiotherapist, who can eliminate much of the eyesight and in some cases even eliminate it.

Whatever therapy you choose, you have to be aware that if the dark circles are of genetic origin, they will probably never be totally eliminated, but they can be alleviated with the treatments mentioned above.

How To Make Dark Circles With Makeup:

To remove dark circles with makeup is necessary to apply a good corrective for dark circles, in a tone lighter than that of your skin or color. Some good correctives for dark circles are:

  • Avene brush of the dark circles under the eyes.
  • Eye care anti-eye lotion.
  • Liquid broker from Mary Kay.

How to remove dark circlesTo use the concealer for eye bags correctly, with a brush apply a small amount of the product as shown in the picture and then strain the brush on the skin so that it fills the area.

To remove dark circles, use a yellow concealer, to get reddish circles under the eyes, use the green concealer and to take out yellow shadows, use the purple corrector.

How to remove dark circles caused by crying:

To remove the dark circles caused by crying, good facial lymphatic drainage can be achieved, since it quickly diminishes the swelling of the eyes and lightens the dark circles under the eyes.