Long Coat Styles -10 Ways to Wear Long Coats This Winter

long coat styles

As winter approaches fashion of wearing long, short and medium coats are revive back. Wearing coats in winter are considering the best part of winter fashion. Now the question is raising How to wear the long coat and how to style a coat with different outfits? Somehow it’s a simple question but you need to keep a lot of things in mind before wearing and matching an outfit. Knowing which style and color of the coat looks best with your personality and what outfit you choose with your coat which help you to change an entire look.long coats styleNow we are telling you about what types of coats are in fashion, well now a day there are 13 main types which are being used in fashion world.

These are :

  • Wrap Long Coat
  • Pea Long Coat
  • Parka Long Coat

  • Wrap Long Coat
  • Chesterfield Long Coat

long coats style

  • Military Long Coat
  • Cape Long Coat
  • Car Long Coat

long coats style

  • Cocoon Long Coat
  • Toggle Long Coat
  • Duffle Long Coat

  • Bracelet-Sleeve Long Coat
  • Top Long Coat
  • Duster Long Coat

Here now the important thing is to find which long coats are in fashion these days, and how you carry and style them with other outfits to make your looks charming, out class or glamorous.long coats styleIf you want more sophisticated and elegant look with a coat then you must focus about the different styles of coat with different outfits available in markets, and which one suits your whole personality.

Here we are going to talk about different styles. Let’s have a look at the following tips:

  • Wearing long coats is the very popular trend in winters with different long and short outfits.
  • Check out cute work wear outfits combinations.There are different length coats available and we will be discussing few of the styles.

long coats style

  • The cape coat style is quite a popular style and very elegant. They are quite trendy. You can wear it with a inner and cigarette pants. Choose the perfect colors for the inner and the coat.

long coats style

  • You can go for a sleeveless long coat and pair it up with gloves and long boots.

long coats style

  • Then another choice is a cropped coat. It is very important to look at the coat lengths. You can wear a long dress with layers and a cropped coat over you long dress.

  • A maxi long coat would be preferable and looking great for a party.

  • Knee-length coat in winter is the best option, give full coverage to protect yourself from windy winter and also have a glamorous look. Wear it with a skirt or jeans with long boots. Make sure that the coat is longer than your skirt, it would give elegant and stylish looks.

long coats style

  • In recent times street style floor-length coats become pretty famous and preferable. Any age group can easily wear it on different occasions it looks classy. A floor-length coat is said to be very dramatic and glamorous. It is a winter season, so you can choose dark and vibrant colors so that you can stay warm and cozy.

long coats style

  • Long Trench coat is considering classic and favorite outfit among youngster this season. If you invest a good amount of money and buy a trench coat then, this investment gives you outclass look among other people and make you feel prominent. If you are a student or working women then always go for very neutral colors with different tops and short outfits, with a waist belt.


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