It’s very common rule that women are very much conscious about their looks but in this modern era men are equally conscious about their looks and style too. The reason is to feel confident and looks charming. Every men wants to look more attractive and handsome than other, because we live in a superficial and materialistic world in which outer beauty and better appearance matters a lot. Being called ”cute” is way much better than being called ”ugly”. Better than being cute, though, is being called ”handsome”. If you are looking good you get better services, you get better salary and at last you get good and attractive women, too. MEN’S CARE:WHAT MAKE ME HANDSOME? is a common question every men wants to know. Here are some simple and common methods to get all those things you want . Read on !


First you are well aware about your skin because this is the main area of your working. Skin care products which are available in the markets are not all the same, they designed different products for different skin types. so you are well aware about your skin. There are many kinds of skin normally categorized with some specific signs these are:

  • Normal skin: This skin type means not to oily or dry with no sensitive issues.
  • Oily skin: This skin type is shiny and some sort of greasy skin which leads to acne, blackheads and inflamed pimples.
  • Dry skin: In this type skin surface is dry, cracks on skin and often red patches which are easily visible on skin.
  • Sensitive skin: Any type of skin can be sensitive means allergic from any product, sensitive to sun and heat and so on.
  • Combination skin: This type of skin is very critical means it is a combination of dry, oily and normal skin. Means skin is dry from cheeks, oily from nose or and chin and normal from forehead and so on.

When you completely know about your skin type than next step is to how we do care our skin and make ourselves attractive and handsome. Follow these steps;

1. CLEANSING AND TONING:Cleansing means cleanse your skin from dirt, sweat and even from pollutants. The beauty soap which we normally uses is really bad for our skin as it harsh and dries our skin and some times trigger to allergic reactions. Water alone is not sufficient enough to remove dust and sweat from skin. So according to your skin type  choose some good product of fragrance free facial cleanser for men and use it on daily basis. Because 90% products are different for men and women according to skin type. After using cleanser always use the skin toner it helps to clean the facial pores and give shine to your skin and skin become more even.


Choose a good moisturizer for your skin whether in form of cream, light oil or any other product. Moisture your skin daily with moisturizer and don’t forget to apply moisturizer around your eyes it keeps you fresh looks. Because area around the eyes are very sensitive and with the passage of time it start sagging specially it is necessary for older men. Also apply moisturizer in the form of balm or oil over your lips because lips are dry and cracked easily. Consider moisturizer as food for your skin, and helps to maintain the skin’s PH. It also reduces the chances of post-shave irritation and  make skin to glow and look fresh. It reduces dryness from the face and maintain the oil content in skin.


If you shave smarter than you look smarter, isn’t it?  Use always a sharp and high quality safety disposable razor blade for shave. But most of the people use new-age five blade which will done a good job in your opinion but in fact it will rob all natural oils from your skin which perform their role in order to avoid cuts and nicks. Those who have beard should trim it carefully, because uneven beard looks awkward. After shaving wash your face with warm water as it keep the skin soft. After shaving always lubricate your facial skin by creams, gel or after-shave lotion etc. in order to avoid dryness.


Sun rays carries UV radiation which affect your skin badly. Most of the UV radiations causes skin cancer and other skin infections, so kill two birds with one stone by applying sunscreen daily before going out of our house. Don’t neglect to protect the lips from sun. Wearing sun glasses also protect the eyes. By using these methods not only protect the skin but also reduces the risk of getting skin cancer.


Clean your teeth regularly at least 2 times a day. Having a whiter set of teeth plays an important role in your professional life. It give you confidence and even  charm in your personality. Go to dentist for scaling and proper check up after every six months. When you have stained and unclean teeth it is the indication of your grooming problems.


It is the most important things to clean your hands and feet because they make the first physical contact with the other person. If they are clean, soft and smooth than it gives a good impression of your personality. Wash your hands and feet on regular basis with soap and water. Cut your hand’s and feet’s nails every week and apply moisturizer on them. Moisturizer maintains the skin PH, remove dryness and maintain oil content of your skin, in this way your skin look fresh, healthy and glowing.


If everything else fail, you will at least have a good haircut which make you more attractive. Cut and make your hairstyle according to new fashion which make you up to date but it must be up to your personality. Some people aligned their hair according to fashion but it not suits them at all and they looks more ugly rather than being attractive. Have a personal hairstylist who understands you and gives a haircut accordingly.


Facial is a process which includes massaging, scrubbing and cleansing with various product (creams and cleansers). It is very essential thing to do because your skin exposed to pollution everyday in which smoke, dirt and different chemicals are involved that damages your skin. Facial is an experience which is extremely good and benefitting for facial skin, so you must to go for facial once in a month. But always choose a good and well-known saloon for this job in order to avoid complication on your skin.

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