Our Ears Can Indicate Our Health, and These 5 Factors Should Not Be Ignored

Our Ears Can Indicate Our Health, and These 5 Factors Should Not Be Ignored

Ears Indicate Our Health 

Health plays very important role in our body because a common proverb is HEALTH IS WEALTH.  From washing face to cleaning teeth or ear is very important in daily hygiene. It is a normal to clean ears once every few days, as earwax has a protective function performed in ear and also indicate the state of our health.

1. Earwax of red colour:

Notice traces of blood in ears, it can indicate that your eardrum is perforated and affected by infections.

Earwax of red colour

2. Earwax of a black color:

The black color of the earwax signifies a fungal infection. If your ears are itchy, and the itching becomes stronger, then you should visit a doctor.

Earwax of a black color

3. Earwax of a gray color:

If you noticed earwax is gray without any other symptoms, there is nothing to worry about. It is probably dust or due to air pollution.

Earwax of agrey color

4. Earwax of a brown color:

If the earwax discharge is excessive and of darker colors, this can indicate that your body has gone through a very stressful time.

Earwax of a brown color

5. Earwax of a white color:

The white color of your earwax can signify that there is a lack of vitamins and microelements inside your body, specifically iron and copper.

Earwax of a white color

6. Earwax with an unpleasant smell

If there is a strong unpleasant smell coming from your earwax, it can signify an infection inside your middle ear.

 Earwax with an unpleasant smell

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