Popping A Bubble Wrap, Why People Feel Satisfied?

popping a bubble wrap
Popping a bubble wrap is a favorite hobby of many people or kids all around the world. As it is so addicitive that once you start popping the wrap you will never stop until all bubbles will popped off.  Piece of bubble wrap mostly arrives with delivery package, or packing materials in order to safe the product. Many people just see it can’t wait to attack it and start their work of popping out. Many people said that bubble wrap popping so deeply satisfying them. Whoever holds a bubble wrap sheet is unknowingly and involuntarily popping it even before they know. 
Studies suggest that when you are working or living in stressful environment than keeping your hands busy with small objects is relaxing and eases tensed nerves. Bubble wrap popping also helps deviating your mind from extra thoughts but at the same concentrating on the one you are currently doing.​Bubble wrap popping also helps deviating your mind

It also help in easing muscle tension. Psychologist Robert E. Thayer explains that “when people are stressed or tensed, they tend to take a moment to understand their plan of action. And during this course of action, they usually unknowingly finger tap, fidget with their legs or pop bubble wrap.

This is also why people feel calmer after a session of bubble wrap popping.

​Reason number three

Researcher state that when any one pop bubble wrap, their brain gets satisfaction just like when you have sex. This satisfaction is different, however, it gives the brain a signal of releasing the happy hormone. Scientists have also termed it as ancestral addiction. This is because as humans we are used to gratification or contentment when we get power over something.