You have heard a lot of time to adopt healthy lifestyle. This is only possible when you busy yourself in healthy activities and most common is regular exercise. But when you are trying for baby then its a query that exercise is safe or not? But most of the doctors said that exercise is necessary in daily life to keep yourself healthy and fit, whether you are trying for baby or not, but in the real sense it increase the fertility. So there are some pre pregnancy workouts which helps you to boost fertility and pregnancy as well. But there are some fitness do and don’t for getting pregnancy these are;

  • DO EXERCISE DAILY: Exercise daily and even regularly is very important for good health. But when you are trying to conceive a baby regular habit of exercises feels you good and even boost up the fertility. Those woman who are suffering from PCOS  (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and overweight exercise can even improve their fertility matters and ease you towards conception. So develop the habit of conception friendly exercise daily.

  • DON’T DO HECTIC EXERCISE: It’s a common saying that “Mother health has a direct relationship with baby health”. If mother is busy in hectic routine exercise it will give negative impact on baby’s health. Pre-pregnancy exercises must be not hectic because once you conceive you will come to know almost after 4-5 weeks. So try to do light exercises in daily routine and not the hectic ones.

  • MIX IT UP: Engage yourself in varieties of healthy activities and enjoy your life. if you are not feeling good enough any day don’t do exercise do yoga instead. Yoga is also very beneficial in fertility boosting. so mix up the exercises in routine never stick to one pattern.

  • STRENGTHEN YOUR CORE: Exercise strengthen your entire body parts. When you are pregnant your tummy, breast and hips get bigger and it shifts the strain on other body parts. If from exercise you are strong enough so this situation reduces the other body parts stress.

  • DONT FOCUS ON WEIGHT LOSS: It’s a common misconception among the people to do exercise and workouts only to reduce your weight. But it is not true, workouts and exercise keep you healthy and active. In pre-pregnancy work outs don’t even focus on weight loss focus on being healthy.

  • DO CARDIO EXERCISE: If your heart rate is normal every thing is going normal. To keep heart healthy always do cardio exercises. Join gym or other centers and focus on cardio health. 30 minutes cardio exercise is good enough for a day.


  • DON’T IGNORE PARTNER FITNESS: Partner health is equally important in pre-pregnancy planning. Because healthy sperms quality and count helps a lot in conceiving a healthy baby. So don’t ignore the health of your partner.


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