Premature Birth Complications

premature birth

Risks Of Complications For Premature Newborns

Normal pregnancy ends in 40 weeks of gestation. But if baby born before 37 weeks of gestation he/she is considered as premature newborn or Preemies. Mothers of preemies often very worried and frightened about their new-born survival and other complications. Because premature babies often have increased risk of complications as they born earlier then their term. Many premature babies earlier complications will be treated in the neonatal intensive-care unit (NICU).

Below is the list of some common complications that premature infants may experience;

Immature Lungs 

Every baby development rate is different from one another. Baby’s lungs are fully developed after week 38 of gestation. But if the mother has previous history of premature birth, then doctors or health care provider may be performed an amniocentesis to check the level of maturity of baby lungs. Some doctors may give an injection of steroids before delivery in order to seed up the rate of development of baby’s lungs. Other complications associated with immature lungs are;

  • irregular breathing pattern
  • rapid shallow breathing
  • preemies lungs have shown evidence of deterioration
  • the absence of breathing


Many premature newborn faced yellowish skin colors after birth, normally called jaundice in medical terminology, which is caused by the buildup of substances in the blood called bilirubin. Photo-therapy is a treatment in which baby may treat under bilirubin light from 7 to 10 days depends upon the intensity of jaundice. After that, pre-term babies liver is mature enough to get rid of bilirubin on its own.

Kidney problems

If pre-term baby delivers before 30 weeks of gestation, babies may face some kidney issues like balancing the body’s fluids, salts, and filtering wastes during first week of his/her life.