Premature Birth Complications

premature newborn

Heart problems

Patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) is a common heart condition which may affect the preterm infants. In this condition opening between two major blood vessels of the heart. If baby faces such complication, it may result lungs and heart failure because it can cause extra blood to be pumped through the lungs in their early life.

Hearing problems

Many premature babies experiences deafness means hearing loss. Exact causes of deafness in preterm babies are still unknown. Soon after discharge from hospital doctors advised having baby hearing test. Some visible signs of hearing loss in babies are;

  • not even response at your voice
  • not babbling by one year of age
  • not being turning head for loud sound


Premature newborn easily caught and develop infections in almost every body part because of poor immune system. And there is difficulty to treat infections in premature infants due to;

  • A premature infant often requires a number of medical procedures, due to early delivery including insertion of intravenous (IV) lines, catheters, and endotracheal tubes and possibly assistance from a ventilator. Each time a procedure is performed, there’s a chance of introducing bacteria, viruses, or fungi into the baby’s system.
  • A premature baby has a less developed immune system and fewer antibodies from the mother than a full-term baby. The immune system and antibodies are the body’s main defenses against infection.

Vision problems

High risk factor of retinopathy of prematurity in premature babies. Treatment may be required soon as the blood vessels in the back of the baby eye become swollen and may results in;

  • the gradual retina scarring
  • vision loss or blindness
  • retinal detachment

premature birth

Behavioral problems

Premature children have more likely behavioral or psychological problems. They have greater risk for long-term disabilities, which can be intellectual, developmental, or physiological.


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