Respect Your Mother, She Is A Backbone Of Family

mothers day

Today we all are celebrating Mother’s day. But in real every day is mother day because every child is dependent to her mother in all matters, and when he/she grows up her mother is his/her back bone. Mother and child relationship are very strong and emotional too. When all world are against you, only your mom is with you and support her child in any matter isn’t it? If you agree share this article to every mom and every child who respect her mom.

Today we thanks to our mom to be such an amazing mom of this planet.

thank you mom

Thank you mom:

1. You carry me for nine months in the tummy and borne unbearable pains to deliver me.

2. For all those restless nights, when I play with you and you forget to sleep.

3. For always back me and catching me when I fall.

4. For supporting me and always teaching me that no matter how many times I fail, you will do it next time.

5. For all those nights when I was ill you wake all night holding my hands and pray for my health.

6. For always supporting me on each of my new activity and give me confidence to stand in front of the whole world.

7.That support has been really helpful throughout my life and there are no words to describe how much I’m thankful for it.

8. For all the nights we spent doing homework and you being patient when I didn’t understood what I had to do.

9. For teaching me that the quote: “Stick and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” is a complete lie. Cause words are more powerful than a sword.

10. For all those trips we took to the outing with my grandparents, cause there we made good memories we’ll never forget.

mother's day

11. For all those support and help you recognize me about the importance of family.

12. For  always pack my favourite lunch every single day from elementary school until senior year of high school and your advise to eat full and always share your lunch with friends.

13. For all those feeling when I hurt you also hurt, stress you also stress, and shine you always shine.

14. For understanding and talk me or always stand up with my difficult or hard times.

15. For always taking pictures of me (even if I hate it) because you managed to capture important events in my life.

16. For understanding me every time I forgot your age and birthday. You know it wasn’t on purpose and never reproached it to me, but I always ended to making it up for you somehow.

17. For all the breakfasts and lunch, we enjoyed without my dad, brothers and sister, and you always realize that I m your best kid.

18. For encouraging me to keep on with my writing and for reading all of my writings.

19. For accepting my friends even when you were not convinced they were the best for me.

20. For all the great and valuable advice, you gave me and for all the “I told you” moments.

“Thank You Mom You Are The Best Mom In This World As Your Love To Me Is Always Unconditional.”

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