The word “acne” comes from a greek word akme” meaning ”spot” and ”point”. Medically the terminology used for acne is Acne Vulgaris”. In this skin disease skin oil glands are mainly involves at the extreme base of hair follicles. Pimples are mostly tend to appears on chin, back, chest, chicks, neck and shoulders. A pimple starts to develop at that point where plug begins to break down. Skin acne is very common in teenagers and usually treatable easily. But treatment continues up to several months to clear spots or marks. Once skin acne gone, maintainance of skin is quite important for several years in order to spots keep away. Here are some information about acne which is beneficial for people those are suffering from acne.


There are mainly two types of skin acne in broad spectrum which is,

  • Mild to moderate acne (blackheads, white heads, or small pimples).
  • Moderate to severe acne (inflammation, cysts and large spots or marks).

These two types of acne are explained as follows;


Blackheads are clearly visible, black in colour and appear on the skin surface. These are not caused and appears on skin by dirt. These are due to some pores on skin are blocked and those pores are becoming thicker and thicker and also combined with dead skin cells and become visible on skin.This is basically due to skin pigment and not due to dirt. Regular scrubbing your face can help you to remove blackheads from your skin surface.


Whitehead are very small and they remains under the skin.These are not easily visible due to white in colour. Mostly these are appears on nose or under lips area and can easily be removed by scrubbing after moisturizer the skin.


Due to inflammation on skin due to germ, the immune system rapidly react and cause inflammation. The skin area become red and filled with pus and, are clearly visible on skin surface. These pustules are further grown to become cysts or boils and nodules.


Propionibacterium is present on our skin surface small in number and not harmful for skin. But trapped serbum which may collect under blocked pores are ideal place for bacterium for growth and multiply. It may cause inflammation on the particular skin area and form cysts or boils. Boils or cysts are generally filled with pus and have painful. These pus filled boils cause scars and clearly visible on skin surface.


They are solid pimples and large in size. They are clearly visible on skin surface and embedded in skin deeply. These are large spot mark on skin surface and should be treated in order to heal eventually. Due to large spot and inflammation, the skin area is discoloured after healing for several months.


  • One main factor, that cause acne in adults is an increase in hormones called androgens. Androgen is basically a male sex hormone which increase during puberty in the ovary and adrenal glands which causes polycystic ovarian syndrome. In adults girls it also cause due to hormonal changes.
  • During pregnancy by starting and stopping pills that controls birth can also cause acne.
  • It is also due to genetics and heredity.
  • Certain drugs having androgens and lithium are also causes acne.
  • Use of very oily products and greasy cosmetics may also alter the skin cells can cause skin acne.


Factors that cause pimples worse are as follows:

  • Stress
  • Environmental irritants
  • Hard scrubbing of skin
  • Oil and grease from skin product
  • Pressure from sports equipments such as tight collars and tight uniform of sports
  • Changing level of hormones in adolescent girls
  • Squeezing at blemishes


Acne can easily be treated and manage through OTC (over-the-counter) medications. No prescription needed for acne medicines easily mentioned by doctor at a pharmacy.

Most OTC products contain following active ingredients:

  • SALICYLIC ACID: It helps to reduces shedding of cells which line the follicles of oil glands. It helps to break down Whitehead’s and blackheads, effective in treating swelling and any type of inflammation.

It is also used as fungicide and in making aspirin. It is also used for the treatment of dandruff in shampoos.

  •  SULFUR: Sulfur is  used for treating eczema, psoriasis and acne. It helps to break down Whitehead’s and blackheads. It is a yellowish crystalline solid in its native form.
  • BENZOYL PEROXIDE: It works as a peeling agent and used in bleaching and clearing pores. It helps to kill bacteria and slow down the production of oil from glands.
  • RESORCINAL:It is used for the treatment of Whitehead’s and blackheads. It is mostly used for treating with psoriasis, eczema and dandruff.

Oral antibiotics may be prescribed because antibiotics can reduces the inflammation and also growth of bacteria. Antibiotics which are generally prescribed by doctor for the treatment of acne are;

  1. Erthromycin
  2. Tetracycline.

The main purpose of such oral antibiotics is to lower the growth and even population of  Propionibacterium acne.

Research told us that to have a acne free skin you should wash your face twice every day. People with acne use warm water and mild soap which is especially made for acne skin. Skin care is very important factor to make you healthy and fresh.


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