Test Are you selfish

They say that in the generosity and the act of sharing with others is the greatest happiness. Perhaps this is why the selfish going to be difficult to enjoy life, because you need to always be aware that whatever is best for him. In this sense, selfishness shares characteristics with envy because it also makes you want to possess the alien.

Selfishness is a very negative emotion and pollutant that harms the emotional well-being who suffers, but it also affects their family and social relationships; and it is that, usually, often selfish not hide his condition, and sooner or later it is rejected by others.

Find out if you are selfish answering questions the following test ,See the key which is given below and add up your scores .If so, remember that you are always in time to do something about it . You will find that indeed will be happier if you change your attitude:

  1. My things are mine …
    1. And those who need them.
    2. And nobody else.
    3. And people intimately linked to me.
  1. When I’m tapas with friends.
    1. I try to catch more than anyone.
    2. I do not look at who eat more, it’s ridiculous.
    3. I worry that everyone eat yours.
  2. When you pay something half with someone close to you whose incomes are considerably lower than yours.
    1. If I can, income all or most.
    2. Maybe I tell you to pay a little less.
    3. I do not care, you pay half.
  3. When a friend tells me a problem.
    1. I listen with all my attention.
    2. I get tired, so I speak of myself.
    3. I get tired but I listen, but without interest.
  4. When I decide to go out to eat with others.
    1. Group chose where to go.
    2. You have to go somewhere that I like it or, otherwise, I will not.
    3. I try to convince them to go where I want.
  5. On a trip with friends.
    1. I try to enjoy and make things easy.
    2. I do what others want, whenever they also do what I want.
    3. I recognize that do not give anything; We must always do what I want.
  6. To what degree do you care what happens to other people?.
    1. Nothing, really.
    2. Enough if they are very close to me people.
    3. Much, and the closer they are to me.
  7. When someone asks me for help.
    1. I do everything possible to lend my support.
    2. Is the presto, provided me come me well.
    3. I do not offer it because it is a nuisance to me.
  8. After a picnic with friends have left you have to distribute food.
    1. I get angry if all is not well-distributed.
    2. I do not care that people take what you want.
    3. I try to take more or better.
  9. When a person shows more affection for another person to you.
    1. I will keep.
    2. I feel uncomfortable.
    3. I accept it; those things happen.
  10. The views of others.
    1. They are as valid as mine.
    2. They are not valid for me.
    3. I have them in mind, but mine are better.
  11. I’m having a great evening with friends and a person in the group begins to find bad.
    1. As you leave.
    2. I offer to you closer to home with all my good will.
    3. I wonder if you need to accompany you home, but with the small mouth .

Keys and test results are you selfish?

Test Are you selfish?

Add up all the scores obtained in the above test, and consult the interpretation associated with your results to see if you are selfish . These are the keys:

  1. a = 0  b = 2   c = 1
  2. a = 2   b = 0   c = 1
  3. a = 0   b = 1   c = 2
  4. a = 0   b = 2   c = 1
  5. a = 0   b = 2   c = 1
  6. a = 0   b = 1   c = 2
  7. a = 2   b = 1   c = 0
  8. a = 0   b = 1   c = 2
  9. a = 1   b = 0   c = 2
  10. a = 2   b = 1   c = 0
  11. a = 0   b = 2   c = 1
  12. a = 2   b = 0   c = 1

0-8 points (you generous)

You’re a generous person and try to help and bring happiness to those around you. Sometimes we seek angels in miracles and we do not realize that live among us. Continues this magic, but do not let stakeholders take advantage of you.

8-16 points (You’re selfish)

You try to be generous to others, but as long as this does not involve a great effort. It is important that you take care of yourself and contemplate your needs, but do not forget that if the situation requires it have to sacrifice a little for others.

16 to 24 points (You’re a selfish person)

Yours is yours, and the others too. I do not know if you realize, but your attitude is cold, arrogant and aloof with people in your environment. Learn to enjoy the benefit of appreciation of your good deeds for others.