Cats owner loves their pet a lot and want to give them most nutritious food possible. But it is extremely hard to decide which food is best for them. As we know that cats are predators. They have strong derived to eating a hunt or prey based raw diet, and more specifically, eating that diet in raw form. Pressure cooking reduced and lessen the nutrients which contains in raw meat, leads to deficit of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Raw meat based diet is one of the most hot topics in veterinary nutrition. The benefits of raw meat diet to your cat is never neglected by cats owner.

Meat used in well refined pet food is usually prepared at very extreme heat and temperature and that’s why all the nutrients contains in it lost. This supplementation is not accurate nutritious diet, because all nutrients are lost which aren’t always replaced.

As we all know that cats are wild animal often eat the whole prey animal if it is small and of larger prey animal, will eat almost everything except the intestines. Cats also enjoy the bones of their hunted prey, as the raw bone is highly digestible. These bones are also their fundamental source of calcium. Cooking on high temperature and pressure cooking the bones not only reduced and decrease the supplements available but also affect the bone structure to brittle or crisp and dangerous to digest. Naturally cats have very strong jaws and sharp teeth.

The Benefits Of Raw Meat Diet To Your Cat

By granting your cats with a prey raw meat diet, that they would eat in the wild has many benefits like;
  • Improved digestion
  • Greatly reduced stool odor and volume
  • Healthy coat, fewer hairball and lower shedding
  • Boost up energy level
  • Weight management, if overweight
  • Better dental health
  • Healthy urinary health

“The ‘gold standard’ of diets for any obligatory carnivore is raw prey meat. That’s why it is also natural food of the cat”

Improved Digestion

Eating prey required gnawing and jawing to process some food with jaws and teeth before it swallowed. Cats are basically obligate carnivores, they cannot live without eating meat. Their digestive systems are naturally suitable particularly for a meat based diet. Digestive tract of cat is acidic and some how short, which naturally produces acidic gastric juices to process highly efficiently a species of proper raw meat diet in about twelve hours. The increased digestibility allow very little time for bacteria to reproduce and multiply, that’s why they are naturally resistant to food poisoning.
Cats body system is actually contrast from human beings and other animals like dogs. Because naturally they have diverse enzyme systems that easily ingest and incorporate with carbohydrates. Also they have limited ability to digest them because they have no obsession for carbohydrates. Raw meat diet for cats is good and have more digestible ability than plant-based food diet. The reason is they adapted eating a diet with almost little and even no carbohydrates. Because they have only one enzyme system which handles all  system.
improved digestion

Greatly Reduced Stool Odor and Volume

Due to increased digestibility of whole raw foods diet, cat’s  bodies avail most of their food, and also produce much less stool amount, less smelly and completely biodegradable. Stool formulation can be reduced to moderate, and they throw out less frequent, sometimes once a day or even less. Stools bio-chemistry of feline are generally a little brittle, crumbly, dry or rarely smell at all. It will make sense for a hunter in the wild life that is have to worry about being preyed upon itself.
When cats are providing a large portion of carbohydrates in their diet, their systems will get upset and fight hard to ingest the surplus and plenty of carbs. The result is much of what they eat isn’t being comfortably handled by their system and the ratio of waste is much higher than normal due to improper digestion. Results creamy, smelly and greasy puddles in the litter box. Smelly are not pleasant and even are not considered as normal and takes very long time to decompose.

Healthy Coat, Fewer Hairball And Less Shedding

After some weeks on a raw food diet, cat’s owner or care taker surprisingly noticed that their cat’s coat has to come more silkier and softer. Cats needs in their diet unsaturated fatty acids, such as omega-3 and omega-6. These need are fulfilled through animal sources, because plant sources have a limited ability to make these acids. These vital fatty acids are very helpful and contribute to healthy skin, fur and coats. It also give advantage to reduce shedding and thus the portion of hairball.

Boost Up Energy Level

Cats care taker and owner observed that after switching to a raw diet, energy levels of their cats are boosting up. “Couch potatoes start running around and playing!” Some how a suitable and well-balanced raw diet, every possible energy from the spices of their meal cats are obtaining more eagerly.
Cats are basically adapted uniquely to take advantage of protein for their energy stipulation. As the burning rate of proteins are very high in cats they substantially “burn” protein, and turning and circulate it into energy for their liver in an action called gluconeogenesis. In contrast with dogs and humans their body system also burn protein but shift it on and off, calculate how much protein is required. Cats has usually high ratio of “burn rate”, thus their high quality protein absolute requirement is essentially meet from meat sources.

cats food

Weight Management

Obesity and being overweight in cats are very common and dangerous too. But if your pretty cat are overweight, they will easily kickoff to drop their weight through raw food diet. They usually binge when give them an inappropriate diet, and still trying to make up the nourishing scarcity in the food. Commonly they won’t overeat but enjoy the spices of diet when feed a proper raw diet. And they even not feel starving all the time. So that they not climb over you for food in the middle of the night, and sleep right over the night. Their increased energy level will also support them to loosen more calories.

 Better Dental Health

Naturally cats have strong jaws and teeth designed for the purpose of slicing and tearing action. Like human being,  cats dental health is some how depends on genetics biology. Usually cat in the wild don’t have any gum disease or tooth loss just because of periodontal disease. Chewing on raw meaty bones and raw meat connective tissues, fur and skin support to keep the teeth clean and provide a scrubbing and flossing action which makes gums healthy.
Food diet with lot of carbohydrates can create a starchy film which stimulate a plaque in teeth and leads to gum disease. Lessen down and by eliminating or even reducing carbohydrates intake in diet will contribute to keep away from dental diseases. Giving raw meaty bones to chew them plays a vital role and act as “nature’s toothbrush” for cats which keep teeth clean and white. This is readily important because dental infections can easily spread over other parts of the body due to present of bacteria.

Healthy Urinary Health

High moisture content are present in raw food cat diet of about 65 to 70% and even a single mouse contains 65-75% moisture. Dry food items, which have very low moisture originate chronic dehydration and alkaline urine in cats. It can create a urinary tract inflammation and infection. As cat’s get enough moisture in their food, so they don’t often have urinary tract issues.

Moreover the best possible advantage of providing a raw diet food items and spices is the peace of mind it can return it to cat’s care taker. Achieving that cats have derived to eat unprocessed diet as it can be. In addition a lot of pets owner have become more worried about the highly refined pet food. Which is different from raw diets. It usually contains more starch, plant-based food like corn nd rice etc. These are extremely unnatural for obligate carnivores so you must know what you are feeding your pet.


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