The Truth About Juicing And Your Health

the truth about juicing

The juicing trend has been around for decades, but how good is it for you really?

Actually as life going on every body is quite busy in their routine matters that they have hardly manage time for our-self and even family. So people are more relying on market food items for easy living. Now we are talking about juices available in market, which they emphasize to be 100% pure with no preservative or added sugar. In fact juices contains more sugar or preservative than contains in natural fruits. Some juicing proponents claim that your body can better absorb nutrients in juice form. But there’s no scientific evidence of this, or that drinking only the juice of a fruit or vegetable is any healthier than eating the fruit or vegetable itself. Between juice bars and high-powered home juicing machines, drinking your fruits and veggies has certainly gone mainstream.

Will Juicing Improve Health or Cleanse/Detox The Body? 

There is no alternative of eating fruits and veggies and juicing isn’t healthier than eating whole fruits and vegetables.  When people comparing gram weights, juice is not more nutritious than the whole produce. In fact, it is often lower in many nutrients, and the beneficial fiber is near to zero even body doesn’t absorb the nutrients better in juice form.

the truth of juicing

There’s a claim also about juicing that they get rid of toxins or waste from the body. But in fact our body removes toxins on its own. Juice will not have strong ability to cleanse the body, because no scientific evidence prove it that ingredients in juices help to eliminate toxins from body. In fact, our body is well-equipped with its own detoxify systems (including the circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems).  To keep our organs functioning at peak performance, a balanced diet consisting of minimally processed or junk food, nutrient-dense foods is needed.

Another myth is juicing helps in weight reduction but in real it is not? No juice is a weight-loss miracle, and fruit juice in particular can cause spikes in blood sugar. Some fruit-based smoothies can also contain hundreds of calories. Fruit or vegetable juices may have some long-term health benefits – grapefruit, lemon, celery and red grape juices have all been the subject of research. But while nutritionist agreed that juices are a good way to get more fruits and vegetables into our diet. If you like making your own juice blends, prepare only as much as you can drink at one time, harmful bacteria can develop quickly.


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