Week 11 pregnant

week 11

What’s happening in week eleven

Hurrah….!  Almost first trimester of pregnancy is near to end and it is a good news that the risk of miscarriage is also over. Your baby is growing at very fast pace day by day and you are still in confusion about the gender of your baby.  It is normal for mothers of consecutive children to compare their current pregnancies experiences with past ones and use their symptoms as a basis for guessing the sex of their unborn baby. But it is useless until you choose to find out your baby’s gender on ultrasound, you will just have to wait to find out if your suspicions were right or not.

At eleven weeks pregnant you and your partner may be thinking about telling this special news to your family and close friends or they could be getting a little suspicious. This is the time if you think about major house renovations, or re-decorating for your new unborn or even a big move, think carefully about the practicalities and the timescales involved. As soon as pregnancy reaches to second or third trimesters you won’t want to be loading up a moving van on your due date, or bringing a new baby home into a house that’s more building site than this. If you planned out relocate, or are looking for a larger property locally, you now have another consideration for your wish list that is the priorities good nursery, childcare and school provisions for upcoming baby.  Ask around for recommendations and take an expert option – and remember this kind of forward planning can never start too early!

At a glance

  •  Pregnant women uterus is about to the size of a grapefruit.

  • Baby is 4.1 centimeter in length and weight 7 grams and in fruit term it is like an apricot.

  • Your baby’s eye lids remain fused shut.

  • At 11 weeks your baby’s head is already quite well-developed and all the bones in their face are now present.

  • Though it’s still too soon to tell the gender by ultrasound, your tiny baby will be starting to form testes or ovaries.

week 11

Your baby at week eleven

Baby is bigger now and meanwhile the hair follicles are beginning to form on crown of his/her head. Your baby’s forehead is less bulging and its eyes positioned more in the middle of its face. Its fingers and toes, which until recently were just little connected paddles, have now separated into clearly discernible and separate digits.

Although it is still too soon to tell the gender of your baby by ultrasound, little baby will be starting to form testes or ovaries. If your baby is a girl, her ovaries will start to develop this week. At birth, she will have as many eggs as she will ever have throughout her lifetime. This week baby’s external genitals are also forming, small as they are.

Body of the baby is less curled up and is straightening out. Until recently, its shape was more of a curved C, but now its body is less curled, except for its legs which remain flexed at the hip. By Doppler ultrasound it will be possible to see nipples signs on your baby’s chest from week 11. Your baby’s ears which have been positioned low down on their neck are now almost where they should be, on either side of their head. From week 11 to the next 3 weeks baby’s length will be double from current. It is no wonder you have been feeling tired, because when you’ve been sleeping, your body has been still working overtime in growing your little baby.

You at eleven weeks pregnant

  • Just avoid alcohol, giving up smoking, changes in your appetite only because of your baby’s health.
  • Occasionally you feel faint or have about of dizziness even at this early stage of your pregnancy, because with all that blood-pumping round your body you’re bound to feel the effects.
  • Keep an eye on your body blood pressure because in the first trimester, the hormone progesterone may cause your blood pressure to drop causing the walls of your blood vessels to relax.
  •  As much as 50% more blood can flow through you in pregnancy so your veins are definitely being forced to work harder than ever before. Rest assured they will fade over time and disappear completely,
  • Unfortunately, severe headache is reported by many pregnant women.
  • Mother’s are either going to be pre-disposed to getting stretch marks or not or some women swear by cheap and cheerful cocoa butter or coconut oil. Applying and massage regularly during pregnancy and after you’ve given birth could help the marks fade faster.
  • Many women reported that their hair which normally goes through a growing and shedding phase, may be progressing into a dormant period right now. This is one of the reasons why pregnant women often say their hair is thicker and more luxurious than usual. It’s just staying on your head, rather than ending up on your brush or going down the shower drain.
  • Stomach ache and acidity is also very normal in early pregnancy.
  • Many women notice differences in your fingernails because they are growing at a different rate to what they usually do. These changes are due to the effects of pregnancy hormones.
  • Your weight may start creeping up slowly from now on. You may have actually lost weight if you’ve been unable to eat much or have been vomiting. But from week 11, you may start looking at food in a new light. Somehow, it’s not the same enemy to your stomach that it was a week or so ago.


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