Week 3 pregnant……….What to expect this week


What’s happening in week three

At week three women hCG hormones levels are now high enough and continuously rises. Mother is facing many symptoms and signs of early pregnancy. This stage is quite sensitive because at this stage many women are facing the miscarriage due to various reasons. So be careful and take a lot of rest and avoid carrying heavy weights.

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At a glance

  • Frequent urination, tiredness and nausea

  • Raised and sore breasts can also be a sign of early pregnancy.

  • Some women know their bodies so well that they seem to be aware of their pregnancy as soon as the fetus is conceived. Most brands do not know these changes. Symptoms may vary from woman to woman and from pregnancy to pregnancy.

  • Mood swings are not unusual. The body has begun a big and demanding task, and most people will get mood swings if the body does not behave as we are used to.

  • The few people know that they are pregnant at this time. If the woman suspects, she should try to avoid passive smoking, contact with harmful chemicals, X-rays, and large amounts of coffee and alcohol.

  • A cryptogram in the uterus protects against infections from below. Therefore, a pregnant woman does not have to be afraid to swim, go to the swimming pool or have sexual intercourse. Read more about various tips for pregnant women .


Your baby at week three

Amazingly, although you won’t know for a few months (or until the birth) the sex of your baby has already been determined. The fertilized egg contains 46 chromosomes with 23 from you and 23 from the dad. Every women as a mother will always provide the X chromosome but the men as a father can provide an X or Y chromosome. XX and you’ll be having a girl, XY and you’ll have a little boy in 9 months’ time

You at three weeks pregnant

Exciting stage to know that you are three weeks pregnant. Hormones level are elevated continuously. Other pregnancy symptoms such as nausea and morning sickness ruled. At this stage spotting and minor bleeding is quiet normal but if you faces the heavy bleeding with pain at-once consult to your health care provider, it may be the sign of early misscarriage which is normal at this level. So this week takes very care for women ;not to carry heavy weight, or doing sex with partner. Other wise mild cramping, heavy boobs and sore breast is normal.

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