Week 4 pregnant……….What to expect this week

pregnancy at week4

 What’s happening in week four

 Congratulation your are finally pregnant…………….! Pregnancy is a blessing from God. Now you are ready to have a little champ, first take an appointment with your physician and have through checkup.

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At a glance

  • The other symptoms of pregnancy are almost the same throughout the first few weeks.

  • Baby is about to 3mm long just like apple seed.

  • Some will have stinging pain and discomfort at the bottom of the stomach, pain that may recall normal menstrual pain.

  • Bleeding in pregnancy is also not unusual.

  • Many avoid pregnancy symptoms and go through the first trimester without feeling anything for the pregnancy. It is not rare that the woman feels sad and discouraged during this period.

week 4 pregnancy

Your baby at week four

Growing baby is now approx 3 mm long and their brain and nervous system are beginning to taking shape. Basically embryo divided into three sections for further development.

  • In one section central nervous system taking shape and neural tubes develops.
  • in other section circulatory system and heart are beginning to form. An embryo’s heart begins to beat just 3 weeks after conception.
  • In third section the lungs and intestines are ready to develop.

You at four weeks pregnant

As you are newly pregnant, so you might feel some pregnancy symptoms at this week. Your boobs are becoming tender and you might even facing some bleeding and spotting, which is quiet usual with some women.

When you get your positive pregnancy test then it is the right time to visit your general physician or health care provider. At this stage your physician give some information about your nutrition and well-being.

Avoid alcohol or drugs and smoking to protect your growing baby. You can easily calculate your approximate due date by pregnancy due date calculator.


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