Week 5 pregnant……….What to expect this week

week 5

What’s happening in week five

PREGNANCY…………………..! Your period hasn’t come when you expected it to and you are at least a week overdue. So take an appointment with your physician and have a pregnancy test. If it is positive then take a rest and relax. You may start to worry that everything is alright with the baby and with your own health.

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At a glance

  • Baby is about 5mm long this week, just like a black pepper corn.

  • Perhaps the nausea has become worse, and it may not be that in the morning.

  • It may be that the women’s breasts change because the glands are affected by hormones.

  • The breasts may feel heavy , sore and uncomfortable.

  • The uterus is now the size of a tennis ball, but nobody can see that the woman is pregnant yet.

week 5 pregnancy

Your baby at week five

Baby start to sleep after 4 weeks of conception. Baby hearing is forming before first month after conception. Baby is almost the size of black pepper corn or 5mm long. In fifth week of gestation baby heart, spine and brain will be at developing phase. Baby heart will start beating in coming week and if your physician take a scan then he/she would see flickering on the monitor.

You at five weeks pregnant

As soon as you are pregnant the body blood flow around your body increases and your breasts are already prepared for milk production after conception. The breast may feel heavy, very uncomfortable and sore. Many women feel bloated abdomen or feel fullness. You should take a lot of rest, eat healthy and take lot of liquids intake. Take a pause in your sex life because sometime it may lead to miscarriage in early stage. Some women facing skin issues like acne like spots on face it might be due to elevated hormones level.

At this stage many women facing light spotting or bleeding which may be settled down with rest and medication. Keep your body active and do some regularly workout or light exercise. Keeping yourself fit and active is good for both your baby as well as your health.


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