Week 6 pregnant……….What to expect this week

week 6 pregnancy

 What’s happening in week six

 Hurrah………! week five is over and now you enter in to next week that is week 6. The signs of early pregnancy might have kicked in by now, but some women with an irregular cycle might still be in the dark as to what is causing the sickness, nausea, overwhelming tiredness and uncomfortable boobs! It will get better, so hang on in there!


At a glance

  • At 6 weeks gestation, he/she will be around 1 cm long and in vegetable term is about to pea seed.

  • Your baby has an identifiable heartbeat just six weeks into your pregnancy.

  • Baby has tiny little arm buds which looks like as a paddles.

  • Baby’s brain waves are strong enough to be recorded.

  • It’s a time to mother take special watch on their diet plan.

week 6

Your baby at week six

Baby is growing day by day and now is about to 1 cm in size and just like the poppy-seed. His/her weight is increases almost 3,000 million times from the conception date to birth. Heart four chambers are formed which pump blood around their body. Even though baby’s facial features are in the stage of development. Baby’s head is still very large in relation to its  whole body but already little folds can be seen in what is becoming their face and jaw. On the either sides of the head small cavities are forming which would be his/her ear canal.

You at six weeks pregnant

Hormones level elevated day by day and pregnancy symptoms are becoming more worse, morning sickness, nausea, tiredness and general feeling of fatigue and exhaustion are their boom.

  • Getting lot of fresh air, and expose your body to sunlight for vitamin D production.
  • You may start to worry that everything is alright with the baby and with your own health.
  • Avoid taking any extra medication unless they are absolutely necessary and your general physician, midwife or pharmacist has given you according to your health condition. Some drugs are harmful to embryonic development.
  • Mother’s boobs or breasts may feel more heavy, uncomfortable and sensitive than usual.
  • Pregnant women might not be able to lie on her tummy like she usually do to go to sleep because their breasts are so sore and tender.
  • Take a time to rest when you can. You may be feeling extremely tired and the best way to deal with this is to sleep and take it easy if possible.
  • Don’t forget to take  your pre-natal vitamins or supplements every day. Week 5 or 6 is when your baby’s neural tube (brain and spinal cord) are open but by next week will be closed.
  • The first 12 weeks of pregnancy can be a risky time and not all pregnancies continue to term. It is a very personal decision for couples when to share the news with others, they are expecting a baby.


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