What Do Color Codes On Toothpaste Means?

tooth paste colour code

Teeth are the main part of mouth and represent the whole personality so it is very important for everyone to take care of them. So, when we are talking about teeth care than tooth paste tube is the main element of cleaning and you have definitely a dozen of toothpastes options when you walk down the oral health aisle. Whitening! Anticavity! Tartar control! Fresh breath!  These are all common phrases you will see on a tube of toothpaste.

tooth paste colour code

When choosing a toothpaste, mostly people consider the following;

  • the ingredients,
  • expiration date,
  • the health benefits, and
  • the flavor of toothpaste.

Aside from all these things there’s also a colored bar on the bottom of toothpaste tubes which mainly most people ignore. The color squares box on the bottom of any toothpaste means absolutely nothing about the ingredients, but its tell you about the chemical or natural product.

People believe that the tiny symbol on the bottom of the tube indicates something very toxic content.  Usually, the mark on a tube can be any of these colours: red, blue, green and black. These colours signify if the toothpaste contains chemical or natural ingredients. Now we tell you here about this is what the following colours signify.

BLACK:  This colour clearly indicates a presence of chemicals in the toothpaste and nothing else about the ingredients.

RED: This colour square box indicates that the composition of toothpaste is a combination of natural ingredients and chemicals.

BLUE: The blue coloured mark indicates that the toothpaste contains natural ingredients combined with the presence of medication.

GREEN: Tooth paste tube with green coloured mark represents the presence of only natural ingredients, so its the best to use.


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