What happens if we use expired cosmetics?

What happens if we use expired cosmetics?

Who has not kept a makeup base of a more summery tone, a lipstick or a powder for months in a bottomless bag? Although we do not use certain cosmetics frequently, it is common to accumulate them in case we want to use them again, to use them for the next season in which they are more suitable or simply because they are not finished.

Like almost all general and personal hygiene products, cosmetics also expire and it is not advisable to extend your life more than its expiration date.

The professional make-up artist  explains and shows how two equal bases of makeup are oxidizing their tone with the passage of time to appear two different products. The professional clarifies that sometimes the smell does not vary, so we may think that they are still reusable.

In addition to aesthetically we can make the appearance of our makeup worse, expired cosmetics can damage the skin: irritation, contact dermatitis or eczema are the most visible consequences. The texture of the products will also not be the same with the passage of time and, in the case of creams, the active principles will cease to be effective, so you have to be very careful with expired sunscreens to prevent burns).

What happens if we use expired cosmetics? The expiration date of a cosmetic is variable according to the product. Normally, if we do not open a cosmetic we just bought, according to the laboratories, we can use it for three years without losing its properties or worsening its quality. But at the moment when we unscrew the brush from a mascara, for example, we have to take into account its PAO (Period after opening), which is indicated by a drawing of a jar in the packaging, Which shows the number of months we can use it.


– Mascara of lashes: 6 months.

– Powder products (shadows, blushes, compact makeup …): between 12 and 36 months.

– Products in cream or fluids (moisturizers, makeup bases, correctores, contours of eyes, shades in cream …): between 12 and 24 months.

– Eye pencils, lips and eyebrows: 12 months.

– Solar protectors: 12 months.

– Nail lacquers: approximately 12 months.

– Make-up remover: 6 to 12 months.

– Labials: from 12 to 36 months.

The more aqueous and oily ingredients a cosmetic has, the shorter its life because these components deteriorate over time. It is not the same with powdered products, which lack it and for that reason their life is greater.

What happens if we use expired cosmetics? Keeping the products in good condition will also help us to extend your life. Here are some of the tricks of the professional:

– Keep them in a cool, ventilated place.

– It prevents them from being at high temperatures, for example the trunk of the car, directly in the sun, in the kitchen .

– So that lipsticks or nail polishes do not spoil before the count, put them in the fridge.

– If you are prone to styes, once you use the mascara or eyeliner and you get a stye, throw them away, regardless of the time they have. It is more than likely that the mask is contaminated. Also if you have used a pencil, affix it in excess to remove the contaminated part.

– The bases, over time, tend to separate the ingredients, so they look oily. When you see your base looks weird, throw it away. You will avoid problems.