What Happens When You Stop Having Sex?

stop doing sex

Having sex in life means you have balanced life because it affects a lot in the body, like hormonal changes, a difference in attitude and whittling waistline, sex is also believed to increase longevity. And on experiencing sexual abstinence, there are a few physical consequences that may hit you for a while. Not that it will grow cobwebs in your vagina, or you will freeze up, sexual abstinence will detain all those benefits that sex usually gives. So, what happens to your body when you stop having sex, read on to know.

YES, IT IMPACTS YOUR SEXUAL DRIVE:Yes, it impacts your sexual drive

Not having sex may impact your sex drive. Here, masturbation can do the trick and you will be able to keep your sex drive alive. Women may not get affected as much as it affects men. This is because like any other muscle in the body, if you don’t make your penis ‘exercise’ for a long duration, you may even experience erectile dysfunction.

IT MAY LEAD TO WEAKENING OF VAGINAL WALLS:It may lead to weakening of vaginal walls

This mainly happens to older women who are above the age of 50. Due to lack of blood flow, vaginal walls tend to become weak and thin. Dry spell for a longer duration at an older age may also increase the risk of not feeling any sexual pleasure during intercourse.

IT MAY AFFECT YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM:It may affect your immune system

As sexual activity helps in boosting immunity, especially in women, not getting busy every day can make you prone to illnesses and other infections.

YOU MAY BECOME STRESSED:You may become stressed

Sex is one of the best stress busters. Health experts say that regular sex is associated with stress-busting and when you don’t have it, it can lead to higher stress reactions.

SEX-ABSTINENCE WILL NOT MAKE YOU TIGHTER:Sex-abstinence will not make you tighter

This is a prevalent myth that not having sex can make you tighter down there. The elasticity of your vagina doesn’t depend on the number of sexual partners or frequency of sexual sessions you have had and you don’t get re-virginized when you abstain from sexual activity. It should be noted that when you don’t have sex, the tissues of the vagina just may get out of the habit of relaxing in response to arousal or insertion.

IT MAY EVEN IMPACT YOUR CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH:It may even impact your cardiovascular health

Health experts say that good sex life is related to a healthy cardiovascular system. And when you enter sex drought, it may impact those hormones that are good for heart health.

IT DECREASES THE RISK OF UTIs AND STDs:It decreases the risk of UTIs and STDs

So, here’s some good news. Sexual abstinence can reduce the risk of UTIs and STDs as there is no physical contact with another person.

SOURCE: Times of India TOI


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