Hemorrhoids are basically group of balloon like swollen veins located in the lower  rectum region. These veins are swollen only due to pressure that exists during constipation or in pregnancy with the enlarged uterus pressure.

There are two main classes of hemorrhoids :

  1. Internal hemorrhoids
  2. External hemorrhoids

Internal hemorrhoids lies inside the rectum area means anus, almost at the beginning of the rectum. These type of hemorrhoids always creates the problem of bleeding during bowel movements.

External hemorrhoids lies outside of the area of anus. These are also very painful due to formation of blood clot the process of cleaning the area is very difficult.images (10)


The main causes of the hemorrhoids formation are:

  • regular constipation state.
  • sitting too much and too long.
  • during pregnancy.
  • after childbirth.
  • anal cancer or tumors.


There are many symptoms of hemorrhoids that are noticed but some common signs are :

  • extreme burning sensation while sitting.
  • uncommon pain around anus region.
  • unavoidable itching.
  • blood clots during bowel movements.
  • hard lumps noticed outside the rectum.
  • inflammation around anus.

Hemorrhoids are sometimes painless but in contrast it may be very painful that person cannot cope with. The main thing is noticeable that they are not considered as life threatening disease and if patient cares about himself it often go by its own. Example are during pregnancy patients reported the symptoms of hemorrhoids but after delivery it settle down by its own in most cases. Although if person feels pain or blood clots during bowel movements he/she may feel weakness due to blood loss.Bleeding with passing stool is not normal and should visit to your health doctor at your first priority, but the thing is that this bleeding is self-limiting sometimes..hemorrhoids(1)


There are multiples test  are taken by the doctors, but the normal hemorrhoids are at once noticed by the doctor during physical visual examination. To verify that there is nothing go wrong within anus the physician may do the DIGITAL RECTAL EXAM”. During this tests physician inserts into the patients rectum gloved and lubricated fingure in order to check any unusual thing in the anus. If he thinks there may be something wrong he may prescribe some additional tests such as “SIGMOIDOSCOPY”. During this test physician examines the patient through small camera in order to look the hemorrhoids closely.


Firstly the treatment of hemorrhoids are used of creams that reduces the burning sensation or anal itching example are cortisone creams, lidocaine etc. Secondly take a lot of fiber foods to make your stool harder from soft and avoid constipation.Always rub your anal area with soft cotton towels or cloths avoid using hard cloths. Use cotton underwear and change it regularly. Lastly the surgery is the final option to get rid of this disease.hemorroids


There are certain preventions and home treatment of hemorrhoids these are

  • Drink plenty of water everyday at least 1.5 liters or 8 to 10 glasses.
  • take green leafy veggie salads.
  • add in your diet high fiber rich foods.
  • use whole grain wheat.
  • eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.
  • doing regular exercise.
  • avoid constipation because it is the root cause of hemorrhoids.
  • take fiber supplements.
  • take a warm bath at least for 20-25 minutes.Warm bath heal up your rashes only sit in warm water.
  • avoid sitting for long duration.


Complications with hemorrhoids are really not common but sometimes there may be:

  • If too much blood loss during bowel movement the patient may faced iron deficiency or anemia.
  • If anus may have swollen veins with blood clots.
  • If bleeding not settles by its own.
  • In pregnancy and you have constipation.


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